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by Dr. David Fialk, Editor / Publisher


This week my neighbor's house alarm has been going off randomly. Its siren sounds, very loudly, an appalling, stress-inducing waffling wail directly down my little dead end, penetrating, bricks and mortar and soul.

Sitting here before my computer, my nervous system violated, suffering post-traumatic stress, I'm in a good space to do some "homework" given me eight days ago by Samadhi, the woman who runs the Family Constellation session I attended.

My first remembrance of the Holocaust was, as a boy, staring at the concentration camp numbers tattooed to the inner forearm of my Hebrew school teacher. When days were warm, Cantor Fishman would roll up his sleeves and sometimes, very briefly, fall asleep.

Art History in SMA:
The Chapel of Loreto
(Part II)

by Natalie Taylor, photos: Jack Paulus


She ran away from her parents at 12 and became a prostitute in Alexandria. After 17 years she converted, and retired to the desert to live the life of an ascetic. She represents fallen women—like Mary Magdalene—who changed their lives after finding religion.

When the wheels of the carriage struck him in the head, he lay immobile on the ground bleeding profusely from nose, mouth and ears.

The entire chapel is filled with opulent decorations. The lavish gold on the altar, on the capitals of the columns, in the enclosures, and on the statues is impressive.

Dancing With Life
Debra Deutsch Oliver
opening - Friday, June 2

An ordinary task can become a dance, a moment of transformation.

What I've Been Messing Around With

by Stephen Goodfellow


There is something stirringly caffinating at having two dogs wishing to greet you in every new day with the same unbridled artless energy, as if you have stepped off a ship after a long voyage.

I like working in three seperate colors, scribbling away on my laptop with what most resembles a wood cutting tool. It's like smoking, it’s a drug; I can't give it up.

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· · Thousands protest Mexico’s new science law
· · Extremely Rare Statue of a Maya Deity Dug Up

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· Take Me Out
Dr. David Fialk, Editor / Publisher
Civilization is carried forth to deny the horror of existence.
· Jaguar: Voice of a Territory, Documentary, Concert, Saturday, May 27
"To be able to understand the importance of keeping ancestral traditions alive."
· MyStudio Art Walk Rides Again
Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
Organizing artists is like herding cats.
· Normalizing Violence?
José Luis Mendoza Aubert
How can we allow our mothers, sisters and daughters to be murdered?
· Normalizando la Violencia?
José Luis Mendoza Aubert
Normalizar la violencia puede tener graves consecuencias.
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