Lokkal- todo SMA
Flamenco Show
Friday, November 25, 5:30pm
Peter Leventhal - opening
Friday, November 25, 6-9pm
Skate - film, school, fund-raiser
Friday, November 25, 7pm
ALMA Sale, vintage, second-hand - benefit
Saturday, November 26, 10am-1pm
TEDx Conference
Saturday, November 26
Photography Group Opening
Saturday, November 26, 11am-3pm
Help Native Trees, Audubon
Saturday, Sunday, November 26, 27, 8:30-11:30am
Textures and Colors, Artisan Expo
Saturday, Sunday, November 26, 27, 10am-7pm
AA & UU- spirit
Sunday, November 27, 10:30am
Galeria Atotonilco Open House
Saturday, Sunday, November 26, 27, noon-5pm
Rompamos la Burbuja - teatro
Domingo, 27 de Noviembre, 12pm
Contemporary Textiles - opening
YAM gallery
Sunday, November 27, 1-4pm
2 Crooners, Johnny & Fil - benefit
Sunday, November 27, 6-9pm
Salsa Lovers Meetup and Dance Class
Sunday, November 27, 7:30-9pm
Dia Nacional del Sordo/National Day of the Deaf
Monday, November 28, 9:30am-4pm
The DNA of SMA - Rotary
Tuesday, November 29, 9:30am
Secrets in the Mirror - book presentation
Tuesday, November 29, 3:30pm
Celmaca Duo - concert
Wednesday, November 30, 7pm
Launch of French Doors Art Program
Thursday, December 1, 5-8pm
O My God! - a staged reading - theater
Thursday, December 1, 7pm, (6:30 social)
Festival Cervantino SMA
November 19-December 2
Intro To Encaustic Monoprints & Monotypes
Fridays, December 2, 9, Noon-2pm
Botanical Garden Membership Party
Friday, December, 2, 3-6pm
Galería Blue Moon - group opening
Friday, December 2, 5-8pm
Design House SMA Party
Friday, December 2, 7-11pm
Art Walk, Fabrica la Aurora
Saturday, December 3, 5-7pm
Varu Vázquez - Visual Codes
Fabrica Art Walk
Saturday, December 3, 5-7pm
La casa de Rosa y Lucho - teatro
Sábado 3 de Diciembre, 5pm
Ceremonia Ayahuasca
Friday, Saturday, December 2, 3, 9pm
Bazar Sol
Sunday, December 4, 10am-5pm
Vijay Venkatesh, piano, Pro Musica
Sunday, December 4, 5pm
¡Qué Bárbara!
Saturday December 4, 5pm
Live Music
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A Star is Born

by Dr. David Fialk, Editor / Publisher


When everything turns to hell, and money is worthless, who will protect the billionaire from his own Navy Seals? The smart money now reasons that what is needed after the apocalypse, is not a bunker, but a community, I suppose, a well-armed community.

If you like the feel-good hormones that your brain releases after personal achievement, then you'll love those it drops when you feel like you belong.

The concept of progress, that society is evolving, that history is moving forward, is a gift of the Jews.

Lacquer Gourds from Guerrero
Galeria Atotonilco - Sat, Sun, Nov. 26, 27

by Susan Page


The lacquer gourds and toys from the remote village of Tamalacatzingo, Guerrero are arguably the most beautiful lacquer produced anywhere in the world. They have been called the Faberge Eggs of Mexico.

About fifteen years ago, anthropologist Marta Turok spent time in the village persuading the artists to return to using traditional chia oil, and mineral earth powders and plants for color, ingredients that had been abandoned in favor of less expensive linseed oil and commercial dyes.

Tamalacatzingo is so remote that the Spanish never found it.

The Toledo of México?


¿El Toledo de México?

by/por Alejandro Anaya

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SMA: One Door at a Time


Descubriendo San Miguel una puerta a la vez

by / por Alejandro Anaya

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Peter Leventhal - The Last of the Collection
Opening - Friday, November 25, 6-9pm

His devotion to studying the styles of the Old Masters, as well, his passion for literature and history show through his work.

As a young man, he made his way to Paris, where he lived for two years. Learning, absorbing all he could in the art world there, he endured, nearly starving while doing so.

Soon, he was invited to the Fabrica la Aurora, choosing the space previously used for its dining room to be his working studio. Here he painted and sculpted every day.

Maru Vázquez - Visual Codes
Opening - Saturday, Dec. 3

Visual codes are those elements that allow us to decode the world around us, to understand the reason for the existence of things or their nature.

I have received a lot of information at a sensory level that has led me to heal my being.

I found in the pandemic an opportunity. As many of us have, around the globe, I recognized a need to start over.

Maru Vázquez - Códigos Visuales
Inauguración - Sábado, 3 de Dic.

Los códigos visuales están en aquellos elementos, a veces más intangibles que tangibles, que nos permiten decodificar el mundo que nos rodea y comprender la razón de la existencia de las cosas o la naturaleza de ellas.

He recibido mucha información a nivel sensorial que me ha llevado a sanar mi ser.

En la pandemia, encontré una oportunidad, como muchos de nosotros, reconocimos globalmente que había una necesidad de comenzar de nuevo.

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