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The Problem of Industrial Agriculture - Global Justice
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Distinguished Speaker Series: Tom Hanks
SM Literary Sala
Friday, April 23, 6-7:30pm
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Belle Muse Studio
Saturday, April 24, 4-7pm
Domingo de Mercado Solidario
Domingo, 25 de Abril 10am-5pm
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Agreeing to Disagree
To Hug or Not to Hug

by Dr David, Editor / Publisher


There is a gate in our brain that stops most perceptions from entering our awareness... The person who stopped to admire the way the sunlight glinted off the fangs of the saber-tooth tiger did not live to pass on his genes.

The brain spends a lot of energy not thinking, trying not to think, reducing the number of thoughts we have. No wonder people get dogmatic, adopt intellectual cliches, refuse to consider other points of view.

People, including the government of France, worry about the health of American society because... we are not allowed to talk about certain things.

"Being hugged more frequently was associated with a 61% decreased risk of respiratory infection." The immune enhancing effect of human contact, of an embrace, outweighs the risk of not maintaining social distancing.

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Dr David, Editor / Publisher
If it didn't hurt, then it wasn't love.
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