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Saturday, Sunday, October 14, 15 11am-5:30pm
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The Next Big Thing

by Dr. David Fialk


Kids these days have no sense of history. They think that nothing important happened before online connectivity, that the world before the internet was in a prehistoric Dark Age.

The mercantilist king, the communist politburo, the World Economic Forum, the disinformation czar, however well-meaning, cannot work as well as collective human intelligence. You just can't tell where that next world-changing innovation is coming from.

Munich was the first city to take in its municipal water supply from miles upriver, and to release its waste miles downstream, thus eliminating the deadly scourge of cholera. We're not still pooping in our drinking water, but it's beneficial to consider what we ought to be paying attention to and aren't.

"Something a little more accurate than fiction":
The Mexico of John Dos Passos

by Philip Gambone


In the same way that the Mexican muralists had packed their paintings with the full spectrum of political, historical and social life, Dos Passos strove to pack everything into his novel: "songs and slogans, political aspirations and prejudices, ideals, hopes, delusions, frauds, crackpot notions out of the daily newspapers."

As the prospects for his social advancement dwindle—"I used to think I might amount to somethin' in the world"—and his political consciousness grows, Mac becomes inspired by the Mexican Revolution.

Art Flourishes in SMA
Instituto Allende 1955-1968
Peter Olwyler, photo opening
Wed. Oct. 4, 6pm


These photographs show artists studying and creating art and how they lived within the greater culture of Mexico and San Miguel. The dynamic between the instructors and students, along with the beauty and culture of San Miguel, encouraged a flowering of unique styles of expression in the arts.

Carvers of Apaseo el Alto, Javier Ulloa
opening - Sat. Sun. Oct. 14, 15

by Walter Hodges


"You have to be crazy. How else can we move forward?" In Mexico, the answer to these kinds of questions is never a straight line.

The desire to remain anonymous and not make too much noise is built into the idea of being an average Mexican. If it goes further than that, somebody has to make it happen. Javier Ulloa of Arte Ulloa "El Paraíso" has that fire inside him.

The Dilemma of the Modern Era: AI

by José Luis Mendoza


AI is a two-faced, double-edged sword. It gives us everything apparently for free, but then it hands us an outrageously expensive bill.

AI learns from data, and if that data is twisted or manipulated, guess what? AI becomes twisted and manipulated too.

All Together: Sukkot
Sunday, October 1, 3-6:30pm

by Rabbi Daniel Huebner


The holiday comes at a time when farmers in the Holy Land would bring in their crops before the rainy season after having let them summer in the fields. This, then, is a celebration of gratitude for abundance.

The message is inclusion. To be complete as a community we need to include everyone and not write anyone off just because we don't see how they can contribute.

What's the Charge? - The Computer Corner

by Charles Miller


"We notice you have been leaving this laptop plugged in to the charger 24x7 for weeks now. Do you want us to run the battery down to 50% and hold it there until further notice?"

El Dilema de la Era Modern: IA

por José Luis Mendoza


IA es un chamuco de dos caras y dos filos, nos da todo gratis, aparentemente, pero luego nos cobra la factura y carísima, por cierto.

La IA aprende de los datos, y si esos datos están torcidos o amañados, ¿adivinen qué? La IA también se vuelve torcida y amañada.

Crossword Puzzle - 12

by Sheridan Sansegundo

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We began bringing these rugs to the United States to sell at shows and stores.
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What I did not know was that my bank was going to try to get away with ignoring that law.
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