San Miguel de Allende Sunday Magazine
· Compost and Culture, Shoveling Sh*t: a pictorial
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
If the stories that form the basis of your philosophy give you tastier tomatoes, what more can you ask?
· Agreeing to Disagree: It's Complicated
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
The ancient Greeks understood that with increase affluence and leisure come increased self-criticism and dreams of utopia.
· Bad Dreams and Flowers for Algernon
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
I am just smart enough to know that I am not smart.
· Art in Quarantine
        by Andrew Osta
What's the point of making art when people are dying, when tomorrow is so uncertain?
August / Agosto 2020
August 23
· "Si, Pero No" "Yes, But No"
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
EC has chosen to spend his later years painting dreamy nudes. It's good work, if you can get it.
August 16
· From Hunger
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
I understood that my imagination of it had been the greatest obstacle to my recogniton of it.
August 9
· Feeding Your Hungry Neighbors; The Guardians of Guadiana
        by Wendy Bichel
If we can't affect all the madness out there, we can at least re-design a piece of our own world.
August 2
· Sex, Race and Operating Systems
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Heirarchies have survival value; we want the most talented individuals to lead us.
July / Julio 2020
July 26
· They Thought My Mother Was Black
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
No adult, no person had ever spoken with little Leroy like that before my mother did.
July 19
· An International Incident; Terrorism in SMA
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
She was in possession of the truth... and obliged to force that truth on the unenlightened.
July 12
· Loss of Pressure
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
A lot of what we think, how we feel and how we react is driven by hormones.
July 5
· Extending Community
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
As a species we survived... because we watch out for each other, because we are communal beings.
June / Junio 2020
June 28
· The Weavers' Project; Support Local Women
        by Veronica Genta
Our little company has helped women redefine their space within their families and the larger society.
· Dickens, Pornography and the Lost Art of Letter-writing
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Along with the loss of a slower, more deliberate way of living, we have also lost our sense of decency.
June 21
· Conventional Absurditites
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
"Nobody is more dangerous than he who imagines himself pure in heart, for his purity, by definition, is unassailable."
June 14
· Some Thoughts on Privilege
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Asking the police to resolve a problem is like asking the mafia for assistance...
June 7
· A Kinder, Gentler Prejudice
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
When you have utopian expectations the slow plod of real reform seems worthless, especially when you are young.
· The Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Police killed only 40 unarmed people in 2019; 20 were white, 10 were black.
May 31
· Uncertain About Uncertainty
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Coming through a Nazi death camp probably puts all other forms of stress into perspective.
· Further Uncertainty
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
If you knew everything, the most delicious thing would be a surprise.
May / Mayo 2020
May 24
· Report #4 From The Mexico Station
        by Duke Miller
I grew up listening to my mother say, "I feel like a Jew in Germany."
· Why Do We Hurt the Ones We Love?
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
The lightening bolt came in the window, down the hall and into the room to get him.
May 17
· Live Long, Die Gloriously: How I Came to Love the Bullfight
        by Pat Hall
Which type of bull would you prefer to be, a regular bull or a fighting bull?
· Big, Bad Government
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
How different would the world be today if back in 1968 the Center for Disease Control had canceled Woodstock?
May 10
· Imagine There's No Countries?!
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Imagining the virtues of anarchy is more easily done when you are a former Beatle gazing out of your multi-million dollar apartment...
· Discovering Grandma's Recipes: Carmita's Mexican Pies
        by Natalia Ospina
His most cherished childhood memories... all are associated with the sharing of food.
May 3
· The Show that Almost Wasn't: Raku Platters
        Edna Dickinson
For some pieces the damage makes the design.
· From The Mexico Station, Report #3
        by Duke Miller
You have to guard against your feelings of intolerance...
· Cleaning Up the Neighborhood: 1, 2, 3
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
My Mexican neighbor speaks perfect English and a little Yiddish, having worked in a kosher deli in LA for almost ten years.
April / Abril 2020
April 26
· Another Time, Another Epidemic: A Typhoid Survivor's Tale
        by Pat Hall
The ordinary person in the street certainly didn't think of wearing a mask. No one stayed home.
· Cabin Fever
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Anyone who says, "It's harder to be alone in a crowd" has never really been isolated.
April 19
· Timeless Dancers
        by Carlos Aguila
...look not through the lens of your camera, but rather through the eyes of your soul.
· Ghost Town
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
The Centro is a ghost town; not all of it. But in many places it is abandoned.
April 12
· Report from Mexico #1
        by Duke Miller
Death is important to Mexico. It is heroic. It is sad. It is vital. Mexicans have turned it into sugar and cake.
· "Online Ramblings"
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
With this Corona Virus, haven't you imagined it all spinning out of control?
April 5
· A Matter of Life and Death
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Mexico has taught me better how to live and with that how better to die.
· Escaping the Corona Virus
        by Patrick Green
My daughter's next text arrived: "I am positive for Covid-19."
· A Death in the Circle
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
With everything shut down and everyone shut up; with the world on hold and everybody holed up...
March / Marzo 2020
March 29
· A Healthy Bowel Boosts Immunity
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
According to standard medical textbooks, the average American transit time is 72 hours.
· The Plague; I Will Be Home
        by Duke Miller
I will wait until they line the streets of SMA with bodies and then I will walk outside.
· Johnny Carson's Bathroom, Self-Isolation
        by Tracey Haynes
I had a dream I was changing clothes in Johnny Carson's bathroom.
· Good News About Corona; Bad News About Us
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
There are a lot of legitimate questions and the world... would benefit from their being asked.
March 22
· Staying Healthy, Surviving the Virus
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Magic Johnson cured himself from infection with the HIV/AIDS virus by boosting his immunity.
        by Joan Hall
It is strange to experience SMA on shut down. It contradicts the very nature of this town.
· Corona Apocalypse? Kindness or Fear?
        by Juanita Benedicto
Friends in CA send me dire photos, apocalyptic scenes of empty shelves and deserted buildings.
· Corona: The Mexican Response
        by Prof. Martha Beatriz Ojeda Pacheco
Something muy chido (very cool) will emerge from all this earthly convulsion.
· Considering All the Threads
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
This explains why, though generally so selfish, we rally so nobly to help those who have suffered a natural disaster.
March 15
· Joan Hall, Collage Artist, Poet
        San Miguel Sunday
I got the cover of The New York Times Book Review. From there it just took off.
· A Blue Purse Lost, Money and Privilege
        by Patrick Green
That money in the blue purse would carry him for a few days, maybe a week.
· Writing Songs for Tony Bennett?
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
It was a very unusual experience; "otherwordly" is the word that comes to mind.
March 8
· Shooting Giants, Jon Sievert... in Memoriam
        by Carol Schmidt
"My two favorite interview subjects were Jerry Garcia and Les Paul."
· Mexico This Month - March
        by Tony Burton
After six days, the U.S. forces end their bombardment of the port of Veracruz.
· Crow Moon: Messenger of Revolutionary Changes - Astrology
        by Juanita Benedicto
We will arise from our old husks as crows caw the end of what has been a very long Winter.
· Cat Food and the Color Blue
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Seeing other people's mistakes is easier and more fun than seeing our own.
March 1
· A Home for the Homeless, ABBA House
        by Kami Kanetsuka
Pastor Ignacio is seen bathing the blistered feet of a migrant.
· Mastering 90% of the Past Tense in 5 Minutes, Street-level Spanish
        San Miguel Sunday
My approach is down and dirty, street-level.
· Darwin, the Big Bang and the Golden Rule
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
I have never wished anyone dead, certainly not publicly.
February / Febrero 2020
February 23
· Howler Monkeys
        by Duke Miller
The structure struggles to breathe as the green shades wrap around it like a boa constrictor.
· When is a Church Not a Church?
        by Joseph Toone
I simply didn't have the heart to tell them it was really a shrine.
· Hot and Cold Multiculturalism
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
After the horrors of two world wars the Europeans have lost confidence in Western culture.
February 16
· Mexican Musical Stereotypes
        by Patrick Green
The nagging stereotypes we carry are buried deep and die hard.
· Volunteer Vacations, Travel with a Purpose
        by Kathleen Bennett
Who benefits the most, the recipients or those who care enough to give?
· A Papaya Grows in San Miguel
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
You cannot love someone more than they love themselves.
February 2
· The Canadians Are Coming - SM Writers' Conference
He was letting go of what he calls his "adolescent self-delusion that he was special."
multiple events
· Vancouver Island to SMA, Sooke Chamber Players
        by Paula Greene
Our SMA program will feature the "meltingly beautiful solos"; of cellist Pamela Highbaugh Aloni.
Benefit Concert, Wed. Feb. 19
· What's Love Got to Do With It? 2 New Archetypes
        interview w/ Isis Rodriguez
Love has been defined by adolescents and young adults under 40.
CRUSH! Sat. Feb. 15, art opening, singles cocktail party
· The Bells are Ringing?
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
The fact that the music you listen to was composed by white men, might make you a micro-racist and a micro-sexist.
February 2
· Spotlight on Identity: Tommy Orange
what it means to inhabit a land both yours and stolen from you
Keynote Address, SM Writer's Conference, Thursday, Feb 13
· Itinerant Youth, Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera
...a new hybrid art, part oral, part written, part English, part something else...
Keynote Address, SM Writer's Conference, Saturday, Feb 15
· What's Love Got to Do with It?
Imagine considering rattlesnake teeth a male aphrodisiac, to make men virile.
CRUSH! Saturday, Feb. 15, art opening, singles cocktail party
· Slappy Dreams
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
The man slapping me is following a script. It is nothing personal.
January / Enero 2020
January 26
· Universal Human Connection, Alison Wright
It's often the ones who have the least who share the most.
2 events: Talk & Photo / Writing Excursion
· The Blood and Bore of Literary Readings
        by Nicky Redl
He turned it into a physical performance, and the audience went wild.
Literary Death Match SMA, Fri. Feb. 14
· Seasons of Memory
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
You can stand an ugly sight or sound much more easily than you can tolerate an ugly smell.
January 19
· Primary Season Made Simple (?)
        by Gunnar Erickson
Backroom deals, rumors and intrigue come into play under the spotlight.
· Celebrations Decembrinas, a Mexican Christmas
        by Ezequiel Ruiz
Between laughter, pleasant jokes and fabulous family warmth, we determine what will be the details for dinner.
· More Moaning About Mom
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Let me also suggest that you cannot love someone more than you love yourself.
January 12
· Tango, the Original Animal
        by Kathleen Millard
It isn't so much a dance done "with" a partner as much as it is against, through, or into your partner.
Tango Fest, Fri-Sun, Jan 17-19
· The Poet Paints - video
        by Miguel Canseco
The visual poetry that long ago gave meaning to books and temples now returns.
· El Poeta Pinta - video
        by Miguel Canseco
Algunos artistas como Miguel recreen este vínculo entre los ojos y el alma.
· Two Viruses, Two Cures
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Nothing can substitute for that original, spiritual connection with the community of life.
January 5
· A Coney Island State of Mind
        by Gaia Schilke
I was terrified to share my most personal work on stage
Book Reading/Performance, Sunday, January 12
· Chanukah Miracle in San Miguel
        by Carole Stone
Our congregation is roughly half Anglo and half Mexican.
· The Best and Worst of Times
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
We've been stealing from them for centuries. They can steal a little from us.
December 29
· Christmas in San Miguel
        by Gray Wolf
Holiday vendedores pop up like weeds on the sidewalk to sell the essentials of Christmas posadas.
· Parade of Dancers, San Miguel 2019
        by Camilla
· Old Enough and Cold Enough
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
I feel like a bear waking from hibernation and leaving his den.
December / Diciembre 2019
December 22
· SMA & NYC, A Tale of Two Jazz Cities
        by Joan Yonkler
According to Bobby, jazz is the antithesis of stealing your soul.
· Name Dropper
        by Duke Miller
John Wayne once made my wife cry. I've never forgiven him for that.
· Sleepless in San Miguel; Insomniac Strategems
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Whoever thought that we were seeing reality?
December 15
· Whispers in the Thread; the Shirt as Messenger
        San Miguel Sunday inspired, passionate deep dive into the mystery and seduction of a Mesoamerican garment...
         Book Launch and Reading, Tues. Dec. 17
· Susurros en el Hilo; La camisa como mensajero
        San Miguel Sunday
Como en cualquier viaje que emprendemos, sorpresas se desdoblan si los permitemos.
         Presentación de libro, Martes, 17 de Diciembre
· Traditional Mexican Christmas, Then and Now
        Ezequiel Ruiz
Maybe that is not a fair comparison, but... life itself is not always fair.
· Displaced in San Miguel
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
San Miguel is not Mexico
December 8
· Haves and Have-nots in San Miguel; Bloomberg's Smear
        by Francesca Fisher
A recent article... smeared our beloved SMA as being under the violent rule of drug cartels...
· Behind a Sculpture Cast in Molten Glass
        by Paul Louis
...change the shape of her forms... while they are still hot by the action of twisting and rolling.
         Open Studio, Sunday December 15
· Qué hay detrás de una escultura de vidrio fundido
        por Paul Louis
Este se puede intervenir de diferentes formas antes de que endurezca...
         Estudio Abierto, Domingo, Diciembre 15, 1-5pm
· ¡Viva Mexico! ¡Viva San Miguel! vs Bloomberg's Fake News
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
How many bullets does it take to kill a restaurant owner at close range?
December 1
· My Name is Mariana Cañedo
        by Marianne C. Bohr
would... my husband have dated me if my skin had been several shades darker?
· Padre, Madre, Awesome
        by Ezequiel Ruiz
Language is not mathematics, where we can make equations, where this equals that.
· Gratitude Works, 7 Ways
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
I could interrupt anyone in any conversation by interjecting a "Thank you."
november / noviembre 2019
november 24
· A Psycho Thanksgiving
        by Jeff Apton
The atavistic time machine opens up. Our ancient selves pop out.
· Travelscopes: Forecasting Your Dream Vacation
        by Juanita Benedicto
As we move through life, we often trade one passion in for another.
· "You're a Good Salesman"
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Those experiences which we deny, come back to haunt us.
November 17
· Isabelle Mahnes' Spectacle of Fashion: Show/Performance/Sale
I am working with my own being through the process of creation itself.
       Thursday, November 21
· Story, Story: Fact or Fiction
        by Ezequiel Ruiz
Sometimes life brings pleasant surprises.
· The Cat That I Deserve
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
The universe may or may not give us what we want, but... it always gives us what we need.
November 10
· Rice and Beans
        by Duke Miller
Broken bones and scars are the story of politics and servitude and company stores.
· VW, Why Do I Photograph You?
        by Scott Umstattd
Do I put in a new headlight or do I choose to not drive at night?
· How Not to Advertise
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
They don't cut their own hair; why do they do their own publicity?
            Vegan Fest - Today
November 3
· Artist Interview, Sofie Engström von Alten
        by Jessica Antonelli
San Miguel... is on a long chain of volcanos...
· Un Brindis / A Toast
        by Anne Boone Johnson
I wondered if the bride and groom would be happy.
· What Time is It... Really?
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
If you don't like where the herd is going, then try to take it in another direction.
October 27
· Revolution On The Walls
        by Alberto Lenz
...these first murals have nothing or very little to do with the ideas of... national identity.
Tour: Muralism, Mexico City
· The Art of a Good Death
        by EKR México Centro
This movement away from death phobia is referred to as Death Positive.
Day of the Dead, Dä'thä Over Dinner, Concert, Thurs. Oct 31
· In and Out of Focus
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
I've never been one to let the truth get in the way of a good story.
october / octubre 2019
October 20
· The San Miguel Jazz Alliance; a New Epoc
        San Miguel Sunday
Jaime Valle... was the recipient of 14 San Diego Music Awards (in as many years)...
Concert Thursday, October 24
· What I Didn't Know I Would Invent: Carola Polakov
        San Miguel Sunday
I spent many hours photographing ripples and ice formations in the creeks.
Photography Opening Saturday, Oct. 26
· Horse Whisperers for Leonardo
        by Dale Braiman
...word has spread all the way to the healing horse whisperers in the U.S.
Event Saturday, October 26
· Theater Artist Marcela Brondo Stars in Bilingual Shakespeare
        by Fredric Dannen
Her father... pulled her out of the show after the pilot, against the producers' wishes
Performances Oct. 17-26
· Writers, Writers Everywhere But Not a Word to Read
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
I doubt that she knows herself well enough to put her heart into her work...
October 13
· Four Keys
        by Andrew Osta
Toller would die from a heart attack in the room directly under his studio that very night...
· Unicorns are my spirit animal
        by Jessica Antonelli, Art Editor
Sofie is known for illustrating a travel zine everywhere she travels...
· Meetings With Medicine Men
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
When you want to think outside of the box, but still be able to think, a microdose of LSD or Peyote can be a great ally.
October 6
· Weaving a Pattern of Mastery
        by Colette Moyra the 60s here in San Miguel 33% of the population was involved in the textile business.
· Tejiendo un patrón de maestría
        por Colette Moyra
...el Maestro ha enseñado por más de 30 años, convirtiéndose en parte importante de la historia en SMA...
· Trading Our Water for Gold
        by Colette Moyra
The mining company wants to crush the stones of which the church is built to extract the gold in them.
· Cambiando nuestra agua por oro
        por Colette Moyra
La compañía minera quiere destruir las piedras con las que está construida la iglesia para extraer el oro que contienen.
· Insulting (and Defending) Mexico
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
She replied, "Mexico insults itself." I didn't ask her to elaborate.
September 29
· The Aikido Diary
        by Colette Moyra
...I was assaulted on a couple of occasions and even once managed to escape an attempted kidnapping.
· El diario del Aikido
        por Colette Moyra
Fui asaltada en un par de ocasiones e incluso una vez logré escapar de un intento de secuestro.
· The Controversy of the 41 Trees
        by Colette Moyra
"There is a magical machine that absorbs carbon from the air, costs very little and builds itself."
· La controversia de los 41 árboles
        por Colette Moyra
"Hay una máquina mágica que absorbe carbono del aire, cuesta muy poco y se construye sola."
· Jane Dill's Art Class: Behind the Scenes - video
        by Jessica Antonelli, Art Editor
Jane worked commercially... for 30 years, creating logos, branding and identity for national brands...
· A Work-a-holic in the Land of the Retired
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
I go to bed feeling like I am going to change the world.
september / septiembre 2019
September 22
· Linda Laino: The Artist as Hunter and Thief
        by Greg Reitman, Art Co-Editor
As an artist, I am a hunter and a thief, chasing shadows, stealing light.
· The Alborada: St. Michael's Jardin War
        by Joseph Toone
...represent the entrance of the souls of Chichimecas killed during the Conquest.
· La Alborada: San Miguel's Biggest Party
        by Joaquin Sierra Rangel
Watch out for drunk lads that strip down to their skivvies and shimmy up the trees...
· Awakening Your Sensuality
        by Sonali Deepika Nanayakkara
...we miss opportunities to connect to our purpose and to our passion...
Workshop, Saturday, Sept. 28
· Avoiding the Accident... at Last
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
I'm not mixing up my dis-ease and normal life.
September 15
· Spotlight on Muros en Blanco, SMA's Arts District
        by Jessica Antonelli, Art Editor
...the Arts District of SMA is an especially significant center of local and international street art.
· Malverde Days 3
        by Duke Miller
the song ends in that spot where everything grows, changes, dies beneath the light of Malverde days
· 12 Astrology Banners
        San Miguel Sunday
The 12 Astrology Banners were originally created for the 2019 MyStudio-MiEstudio event...
Exhibit through September
· The Male Menstrual Cycle, Part Two
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
"The prime fact of life is the sexual superiority of women."
September 8
· Interview: Betty Edwards, Author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
        by Jessica Antonelli, San Miguel Sunday Art
Teaching someone how to draw is the twin of teaching someone how to read.
· Malverde Days 2
        by Duke Miller
No breath for the blind child … only stones for roses, only mud for meat
· Mythology and the Contemporary Soul: An Archetypal Perspective
        by Carlos Chancellor
...represents within us that which pulls us towards another and seeks to unite with them...
· The Male Menstrual Cycle and Other Imaginary Beasts
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Early Sunday morning Bob Dylan came to me in a dream.
September 1
· Greg Reitman of Yo San Miguel Gallery
        by Jessica Antonelli, San Miguel Sunday Art
I quickly realized that local art was an underserved market. I wanted to... change that.
· Malverde Days 1
        by Duke Miller
My first mystical, god-driven journey happened when I was a four-year-old
· Bob Dylan's Dream
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Early Sunday morning Bob Dylan came to me in a dream.
august / agosto 2019
August 25
· Art is the Heart of San Miguel
        by Jessica Antonelli, Art Editor
My quest for publicity... now has spun itself into a dedicated art section.
             San Miguel Sunday's New Art Section
· You Call This A Deathbed?
        by Skip Hunter
I want to tell him something. Something important. Something worth waiting 11 years for.
· Spanish's Most Versatile Word
        Word of the Week
Still at my uneducated level, on the streets, if you are just trying to make yourself understood, I have found no word more versatile...
· Bullies and the Abandoned Child
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
A bully doesn't feel strong... He constantly has to prove it, to others, but mostly to himself.
August 18
· Working Without A Net
        by Pam Walters
Not everyone is faced with the challenge to start over relying only on faith.
· Flying Scorpions and a New View of Karma
        by Colette
God arranges our free will as a great labyrinth and places us in it so that by our own foot we solve the riddle of life.
· El error de los 12 espías y Leandro Taub
        por Colette
Dios dispone de nuestro libre albedrío como un gran laberinto y nos coloca en el...
· A Little Controversy
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
...asking us, in a manner unbiased by political correctness, to put the facts on the table...
August 11
· Dama de la Noche, Queen of the Night Orchid
        by Laura Honse
...these very intricate flowers only last for one night...
· Biography, Exploring the Cycles of Life
        by Bonnie Baker we integrate the broken or hidden parts of self into our identity...
· Biografía, explorando los ciclos de la vida
        por Bonnie Baker
Biografía proporciona un contexto importante para revelar y explorar nuestros mayores potenciales
· 12 Astrology Banners
        San Miguel Sunday
...full of colorful whimsical creatures and beings created by six different artists...
· Prayers for the Dead, Rain and Tortillas
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
I offer up my prayers for the murdered on both sides of the border...
August 4
· More Than the Desert Business: the Puente del Carmen Cooperative
        by Sheryl Woodhouse
"It can be so cathartic to finally be able to open up and talk about these things"
· Tragedy and Redemption in San Miguel
        by Colette
As if that weren't enough, she recorded the animal's suffering on video...
· Tragedia y Redención en San Miguel
        por Colette
Como si eso no fuera suficiente, grabó el sufrimiento del animal en video...
· Miles Davis and the Seven Sisters from Sinaloa
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
"It's no fun unless you have someone to share it with."
July 28
· A Hotshot Photographer
        by Pam Walters
He helped Adobe write their manual for Version 1 of Photoshop.
· Treasures of the Otomi Pueblo
        by Glen Rogers
The Otomi women embellish their tortillas with designs using sacred imagery.
Exhibit though August 6
· Taking Risks on the Road to Zihuatanejo
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
I'm going to do whatever anyone, man, woman or child, with an automatic rifle tells me to do.
july / julio 2019
July 21
· "Dino Does Yoga" Does Good, Sofie's Publishing Odyssey
        by Sofie Engström von Alten
...his claws were too "spiky", his teeth were too sharp. A couple of older ladies even thought he resembled a phallus
· The Nona Show, New Yorker Cartoonist Victoria Roberts
        by Irma Kirkenstein
"If you cast your fate to the wind, it has to be very very windy."
Thurs-Sun, July 25-28
· Mercado Ignacio Ramirez, Real-deal Mexican Local Style Shopping
        by Anagha Godbole
Anagha Godbole has been one of the Top 5 Master Chef India contestants.
· Antonio Lozoya, International Festival of Jazz
        by Antonio Lozoya
I have been able to verify that the world is one, and music is the universal language.
Dinner and 2 Shows, Fri. July 26
· Four Is Enough, Thanksgiving in July
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
For a tough guy from Hartford, Connecticut that says a lot.
July 14
· The Great Storm of the End of June
        by César Arias de la Canal
We are at the beginning of the rainy season. What's next?
· La Gran Tormenta del Final de Junio
        por César Arias de la Canal
Estamos en el inicio de la temporada de lluvias. ¿Qué sigue?
· Building Bridges, Not Walls, Bilingual Youth Theater in SMA
        by Jessica Espinoza
Most of these kids had never before even set foot in a real theater...
· Mind Games, the Mystery of Consciousness
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Consciousness, our most common experience, cannot in any way be explained by scientific understanding.
July 7
· Turning Back Alzheimer's, "Defeating Dementia" in San Miguel
        by Pam Walters
I didn’t know him back then, but Mac is sharp as a tack today.
· Mexican Bingo, a Colorful, Educational Experience
        by Joseph Toone
Popular cards include the sirena (mermaid), dama (lady), catrin (fancy man) and barracho (the drunk).
· Noises in the Neighborhood
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Someone tried to poison the dogs of the neighbor across the street, twice.
June 30
· Poker Faces
        by Ann Marie Jackson
The most successful expats... are those who can keep a poker face and refrain from shouting out their knee-jerk reactions...
· Women's Demons, the Feminine Shadow
        by Azzah Manukova
"Our world will change with the wisdom of women breaking apart the mold of patriarchy.” -Dali Lama
The Negative Feminine - panel discussion, Friday, July 5
· A New Approach to an Ancient Art, The Tarot of the Tavern
        San Miguel Sunday
It is a bridge to connect with the deep wisdom of our own soul and also an open door for imagination.
· Things are Different Today
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
The chief part of learning to love ourselves involves accepting our incapacity.
june / junio 2019
June 23
· Discovering the Great Cave Murals of the Baja Peninsula
        by Lorin R. Robinson
Were they painted by a race of giants as natives of the region believed?
· Looking You in the Eyes
        by Pat Hall
"All you Americans and Canadians never make eye contact. We Mexicans always make eye contact. Why don't you look at us?"
· How Can I Miss You If You Don't Go Away?
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
...admiting the world's inherent unreasonableness allows you to make more informed decisions...
June 16
· Welcome to San Miguel Sunday
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
In the grand tradition of Sunday publishing we offer you something to read with your bagel or croissant.
· Dr. Atl, The Forgotten Pioneer of Mexican Muralism
        by Alberto Lenz
...a certain whirlwind of passions that would mark practically all the dimensions of his existence.
· Dr. Atl, El Olvidado Pionero del Muralismo Mexicano
        por Alberto Lenz
... un cierto torbellino de pasiones que marcaría prácticamente todas las dimensiones de su existencia.
· The Prostitute Archetype
        by Carlos Chancellor
...she exposes our hypocrisies, insecurities and shortcomings, but also the road towards inner growth.
· Trump, Fascism and Hysteria
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
When has there been a better time to be a woman, gay or a minority in the US?
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