Antisemitism On Trial

starting Jan. 27, 3pm
Zoom,, 4151859191

Coming to you from Toronto and the 92nd St. Y, Sylvia will present a 4-part series beginning January 27th, 2021

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Again & Again & Again & Again: Antisemitism On Trial

Come and learn about these important stories and the people behind the stories.

Jan 27 - DREYFUS 1894: A pointed warning of how fragile the standards of civilized conduct prove to be in moments of national panic
Dreyfus in his words: “During these first days, when, in the disarray of mind and senses which was the consequence of the iniquitous sentence passed on me, I had resolved to kill myself, my dear wife, with her undaunted devotion and courage, made me realize that it is because I am innocent that I have not the right to abandon her or wilfully to desert my 

Feb 3 - NUREMBERG 1945: Not only the Nazis but human rights on put on trial.

Feb 10 - EICHMANN 1961 : Rooting the Holocaust in the collective cultural unconsciousness.

TBC - LEO FRANK 1913: A Jew is lynched in Georgia

All lectures begin promptly at 3 p.m. and must be pre-paid by US or Canadian credit or debit card, or through PayPal

Upon registering you will receive a separate notification regarding each specific event. Watch for it!

Dr. Solomon is a retired educator with over thirty years in elementary schools, secondary schools, and several universities including the University of Toronto and Queens University. The last fourteen years of her career she worked at the Ontario Ministry of Education developing curriculum policy and resources that changed teaching and learning in Ontario and embedded Holocaust Education learning expectations in a number of compulsory courses. Her focus has always been social justice in education. She has presented a series of lectures “Great Trials That Changed The Course of History” at the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, the 92nd St Y and the Instituto d’Allende in Mexico. These presentations are part of that series.

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