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Consuming Water and the Landscape
Carolina Parra

Mujeres en el Arte, August 13


by Carolina Parra

I have been living near the Laja River basin for several years. Its veins extending from different arroyos, form the Presa Allende, that contains the waters of this river. In these the excessive extraction of water has caused the water table to decrease and concentrate toxic compounds. In the State of Mexico, a place where I have not ceased to have links, there is also a constant problem of water supply. This has sensitized me and motivated me to create a set of works that serve as an instrument for reflection on different problems of accessibility, scarcity and current consumption of water and degradation of the landscape.

My artistic project consists of a game of multiple relationships and connections between the different parts and the whole, in reference to the landscape and bodies of water, developed mainly in graphic, painting and ceramic techniques.


Carolina Parra, was born in the State of Mexico in 1981.

She took a degree in Plastic Arts at the University of Guanajuato, where through the Student Mobility program she attended the San Carlos School of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. She also took multiple courses and workshops taught by artists, including Alberto Castro Leñero, Per Anderson, Carla Rippey, Pilar Bordes, Arturo Rodríguez and many more.

She has exhibited individually in galleries, institutions and cultural centers in Mexico. Her collective participations add up to around 50. Of these stand out: "Exhibition of Contemporary Printing of Mexico and Japan" Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan (2021-2023); "Mexican engraving", Glayarch, Gimhae Museum, Korea (2019); "Recorded in Mexico" International Exhibition Center, Korea (2018); "Homage to José Guadalupe Posada" Olga Costa Museum (2013); "Güiri", Gallery of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (2005); "Graphic Exchange", University of Philadelphia (2002) and in the program Art | Ticket | waste | refines | Design, Bank of Mexico (2019).

Throughout her career, she has received the following awards: selected artist in the José Guadalupe Posada National Engraving Contest, Aguascalientes (2005, 2007 and 2013); Honorable Mention at the Alfredo Zalce Biennial (2005) and Honorable Mention at the XXVI National Meeting of Young Art (2007).


Saturday, August 13, 5-7pm
Gallery Calderoni, Fabrica la Aurora


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