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by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher

June marks the four-year anniversary of publishing this magazine. Happy birthday to us. "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays" our weekly publication of articles.

This June also marks the transformation of our magazine. We're going to our A game: more articles, more writers, more videos, weekly columns, a new design, a new name, San Miguel Sunday. Si dios quiere, it will be in your inbox each and every Sunday morning when you wake up. In the great tradition of Sunday morning magazines, it will be something to read with your bagel or croissant.

Above and below are photos from a great foodie, travel writer and photographer, Anagha Godbole, who made it to the final five of India's version of Master Chef. She's on board with the new magazine, Jai Guru.

Delicious, delicious

If you just can't wait, see more of Anagha at her blog The Saffron Touch

Follow Anagha on Instagram @saffrontouch



photo: Alessandro Bo (cropped)

Dr David has invested years of his life and more money than he cares to reckon into his global Lokkal project, an event calendar and searchable directory/business network for towns and cities around the world, combining aspects of Facebook, Google and Trip Advisor. Think: Digital Town Square. Think: the yellow pages for the new millenium. See more. A madman crying in the wilderness for years, reinforcements are recently arriving, the A team is assembling and preparations to launch in other cities are being made, gracias a dios. Interested?

events @ sanmiguelevents.com

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