Imagine a different internet:
- like public television is different from commercial television,
- like a tool is different than a game,
- operated as a public utility for the community’s benefit.

Imagine a digital town square:
- where the old telephone Yellow Pages are revived in a robust, interactive, 21st century form,
- where you can find what interests you without searching,
- where you can communicate with the entire interested community.

Imagine that the first great hopes for the internet as a force of positive social change have come true.
Imagine an open platform designed to organize and empower local communities.

Now stop imagining, because it's here.


Lokkal Internet: Local Community Participation

Lokkal is local internet.


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Lokkal is the digital town square for cities around the world.
Lokkal is an ethical, free, user-generated, searchable, geographically-specific, business-cultural-community-social networking platform.

There is local TV. There is local radio. There are local newspapers. There used to be local Yellow Pages. Now there is local internet. Lokkal is your local internet channel, digitally representing the life of your community.

Lokkal is your local internet channel, operated like a public utility, of by and for the community.
Lokkal is a non-extractive, open platform designed to empower local communities.
All profits are utilized to strengthen and enrich the community.

Lokkal actualizes the promise and potential of the worldwide web.
Lokkal is an expanding toolbox, enabling individuals and communities to work the internet.


For a long time, before any practical use was made of it, electricity was a curiosity, a parlor game. Eventually electrical power was put to use... in a great diversity ways: motors, light, communication...

Today, similar to those early centuries of electricity, the internet is largely a game. Like those electrical parlor games, the internet is bright, lively, entertaining and often shocking.

The great hopes of the internet as a force of positive social change, uniting communities, transforming the planet, have been crushed under a mountain of commercialism. Lokkal realizes those hopes.



Find, Not Search

Lokkal's revolutionary search technology:

Choose tags for your profile, page or event and when someone searches for those tags in your city, they find your profile, page or event:

- if your deli cares about sour pickles enough to choose the tag "#sourpickle," then users who care about sour pickles can find your deli;
- if you want to meet someone who has an interest in kabbalah and jazz guitar, you can search profiles for people who have used those tags;
- if you are visiting a new city and want to play a game of chess, you can search profiles, pages and events for the tag "#chess."
- if you want to attend a concert, search the event calendar for "#music" or "#livemusic" or "#concert" or "#livemusic" and "#jazz" or...

Lokkal's geographically-specific search platform is based on community crowd sourcing, a vast improvement over the distorted results of existing search engines.

Local search on Google does not work. No one wants to look through a mountain of irrelevant search results. For example, when you search for "restaurants San Miguel de Allende" you want to see restaurants in San Miguel de Allende, not aggregators like Trip Advisor, not articles about restaurants in San Miguel de Allende...

As an Instagram user you cannot search/find local businesses or service providers/professionals.

Thank you, Google technicians, but we don't need your algorithm; we will present our own community to the world.

Search is work. People don't want to search; they want to find. Lokkal: find, not search

Thirty years ago the phone book Yellow Pages were a comprehensive guide to the community. Back then if you were a florist, a plumber or a dentist, you were in the Yellow Pages. Lokkal is that resource for the digital age.



Networking: Easy, Intuitive and Free

Information sharing online is primitive and inefficient, difficult and time consuming. Current social networking platforms are early technologies, crude attempts. They are like having to use a hand-crank to start your car.

Currently it is almost impossible to social network in one locality. As a local restaurant, it is at best extremely hard to communicate with your customers or potential customers. As a local therapist, prohibitively difficult to communicate with your clients. Lokkal now makes it easy.

Lokkal combines the best features of various internet platforms (Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor...) into one integrated whole.

When you want your friends and family to know, use Facebook. When you want everyone to know, use Lokkal.

Find and stay in touch with what interests you, effortlessly.



Local Curation, Local Participation is Key

There is no substitute for the participation of the local community. Trip Advisor, Google Maps, Airbnb and others suffer from lack of local curation. Lokkal's strength, in all aspects, is in having boots on the ground in the local community.



Fostering Community

Today people go online, like they turn on the television, to pass the time, or worse, because they are addicted. Lokkal combines online and off line community. Engage and create your community. Be a part of it. Belong.

Lokkal provides an open platform to support community. Lokkal does not extract wealth from the community. Our profits are returned to the community, invested to improve the community. Extractive businesses (Walmart, Airbnb, Uber, etc) take a high percentage of each dollar spent in them out of the community. The more money that stays in the community, the more good it does.

The story of the traveling salesman who wanted to rent a hotel room in a small town illustrates this. He laid a $100 bill on the hotel counter then went up to look at the room. The hotel manager grabbed the money and ran next door to the deli to pay his overdue bill there. The restaurant owner paid the money to a repair woman, just finishing dinner, who had earlier fixed her walk-in refrigerator. The repair woman reached over to the next booth and gave the money to the builder who was building an addition on her house. The builder approached the prostitute sitting at the counter and paid his debt to her. The prostitute hurried over to the hotel, put the $100 bill down on the counter to pay the rent on her room, just as the traveling salesman came down the stairs.

Lokkal will emulate the W3C, functioning for the public good.

When you organize the internet around a search algorithm, you get Google.
When you organize the internet around friends and family, you get Facebook.
When you organize the internet around neighborhoods and communities, you get better neighborhoods and communities, you get Lokkal.



Facilitating Communication

Lokkal is a global network of local networks, linking towns and cities around the world.

Lokkal actualizes the promise and potential of the worldwide web. Lokkal organizes the internet on an intuitive basis, by location, by towns and cities. Sharing knowledge, educating, providing a local matrix around which community-based content crystallizes and flows... around the neighborhood and around the world.

Lokkal facilitates inter-community communication and cross-pollination. You can see and learn from what other communities are doing. Read what is being blogged in Damascus. Check out what movies are playing in Shanghai. Do anthropological research by studying, for example, the catering practices in Southeast Asia.

Lokkal provides the edification of travel, without the airplane, the price tag or the carbon footprint.


Evolving Consciousness

The "Big Blue Marble" or "Spaceship Earth," the first photo of the Earth in its entirety, floating in space was a hugely transformative cultural moment, a giant leap for human-kind. We were aware of the planet, of being all together on the Earth. That's planetary consciousness.

The video Where the Hell is Matt (below) features an amiable fellow dancing in various styles in various locations around the world. The background music is uplifting. The scene changes every five or six seconds. Watching it you can feel the planet, you feel planetary.

Beyond still or moving pictures, Lokkal is a digital, interactive experience of planetary consciousness. People don't need to meditate, have a near-death experience or take mind-altering substances to grasp world unity. With Lokkal the experience of our interconnectedness is available on your digital device.

The internet is the brain of the world. Until now it has been a very chaotic brain.

Lokkal is a disruptive technology that will go a long way to saving the planet. Think local; feel planetary.