Jazz & Blues Festival, Music, Dinner, Dance

Friday, July 26, 6pm
Restaurant Vinos + Tapas, Insurgentes 63, Centro
Tickets by Paypal and at the Restaurant (415) 152-2563

by Tere Urtusástegui

Friday, July 26th, at 6:00 pm at the Rofftop of the Restaurant Vinos + Tapas, Insurgentes 63, Centro, will be held a Special Event of the XXV International Festival of Jazz and Blues of San Miguel de Allende, which will be two shows in one night, “The Great American Songbook” & “Soul & Motown”,
3-course Dinner and a welcome drink!

In this special event of the Festival we will offer Music, Dinner and Dance. It will be a memorable evening as time will fly submerged in the atmosphere of jazz, blues, soul and Motown music.
The location is more than ideal because we can enjoy the sunset from the rofftop of the Restaurant Vinos + Tapas, which is spectacular!

The musicians that will be performing at The Great American Songbook (Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Rogers and Hart, etc.) are Bobby Kaplan (Drums & Vocals), Julián Arcos (Guitar) and Antonio Lozoya (Bass).

The musicians for the second show, “Soul” (Aretha Franklin, Etta James, James Brown, etc.) & “Motown” (Steve Wonder, Michael Jackson, Al Green, etc.), are Aurora Nunez and Maria Piedra (Vocals), Julian Arcos (Guitar), Pablo González (Piano), Rick Shlosser (Drums) and Antonio Lozoya (Bass).

We will have two menu options and a welcome drink:

Meat-based Menu: Jamaica & Chile Margarita Cocktail, Tomatoe and lettuce salad mix with mustard and honey dressing, Beef topped with mushroom demi-glace, side of ancestral grains and Chocolate mousse and berries.

Vegan Menu: Jamaica & Chile Margarita Cocktail,Tomatoe and lettuce salad mix with mustard and honey dressing,Stuffed portobellos topped with demi-glace, side of ancestral grains, Chocolate mousse and berries.

It is very important to consider that dinner will only be served at 6:30 p.m. and at the time of purchase of the ticket it will be necessary to decide if they want a menu with meat or a vegan menu, we have limited space and we recommend arriving early since we will have open tables.

The event finish at 9:00 pm, don´t miss it.

Come and enjoy Jazz, Soul and Motown music, have a great dinner and dance!

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