About Mary Jane Miller
Author Bio.  Mary Jane Miller is a self-taught Byzantine style iconographer with over 28 years of experience. Her collection of sacred art is contemporary, unique, and unorthodox at times. The work has been exhibited in Museums and churches in both the United States and Mexico. As an author, Miller writes luxuriously, blending historical content, and personal insights to arrive at contemporary conclusions about faith. Six self-published books include Icon Painting Revealed, Mary In Iconography, In Light of Women and Life in Christ. Miller has been published online and in publications such as Divine Temple Russian Orthodox Journal, Faith and Forum Magazine, Liturgy Today and Profiles of Catholicism. She teaches 4 courses annually, 5 day immersion workshops throughout the US and Mexico.  website: www.sanmiguelicons.com and http://sacrediconretreat.com/
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San Miguel de Allende