Dr David
Living Versus Belonging in Mexico
...in the Mexican countryside, if you don't have your act together, you're going to die.
Playboy, Hyper-reality and Mexican Culture
Their material standard of living is most often lower than ours, but one senses that they are living more than us...
In Silicon Valley... micro-doses of psychedelics are encouraged in the workplace.
Doctors David and Seuss: What Kind of a Doctor Are You?
"There is an awful lot going on inside the body and we have very little idea what any of it is."
Hire a Teenager Now, While They Still Know Everything
Things can get much worse, and, on your present course, dios prohiba, they probably will.
Flirting, the Evil Eye, Prayers for the Dead
I don't think the algorithm read my mind regarding my urge to explore Japanese women...
Borges, Bobby Fischer and Economy of Means
How great it is that we, whose genes are those of a banana, can author... such exquisite complexities.
Contac Improv, Broken Glass, Human Destiny
The New York Times calls Steve Paxton "A Buddha of American Dance"
Reasonably Honest Dave
...the truth can be a slippery fish... being right often doesn't count for much.
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
MeToo, Micro-Aggression and the End of Western Civilization
How We Love a Good Story
...that professor wouldn't have been more surprised, if you had thrown a bag of shit at him...

Kenny Shopsin Is Dead

"The Irascible Chef-King of Lower Manhattan"
Disconcerting Realities, Mexico and Beyond
...cops shaking you down on your way back from Costco; 7,000 migrants painfully making their way up to the US border.
There is a special place in hell for those who light off fireworks (really aerial dynamite) at 6am.
“Truth Isn't Truth” Isn't “‘Truth’ Isn't Truth”      
“Hire a teenager now, while they still know everything.”
These unconscious codes often give an unwanted tone, color and emphasis to what we think or say.

And if he wants to relish his prize in peace, away from the interference of neighboring cats... he deserves as much...

And it helps to have a rich vocabulary, a lush perception... so that we can read more into and make more out of it.

What I felt so strongly a short while ago now is wholly passed, like the pain of a stubbed toe...

...I admired my father's ability to hustle... you could drop him anywhere and he would land on his feet.

A NYU research hospital published a report last week that proves there is life after death.

Daily, before breakfast, she'd be swearing like a sailor, if at nothing else, than at the newspaper's headlines.

My Famous Spaghetti and Kenny Rogers      
...“famous” red sauce, because more than once it has struck fear into the hearts of men of Italian decent

Clouds of Glory, Atheists and the 3 O'clock Tune      
Scientists... don't like to talk about God. They are, however, talking about a Great Mystery.

...workers at a certain level in Silicon Valley (think Google) regularly take micro-doses of LSD on the job.

Opening a restaurant can be like inviting cancer into your body.

...after tinkering in the hangar for years, we are rolling down the runway and I can feel the air under my wings.

getting upset because a dog barks in the middle of the night does not help you fall back asleep...
Happy New Year: a brief memoir          
The strangest thing was not understanding what had happened, why I had fallen...
Happy Birthday to Us
You are the best present of all.