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june / junio 2019
· Wood Nymphs and Water Sprites in  Appalacha
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
It's a hallucinogenic trip that lasts ten minutes, a quick visit to another world.
· Papa, Wants a New Pair of Shoes; Cost Per Usage
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
I'm going to write my own review on Amazon, rather than let some guy in Wisconsin get all the glory.
· Exploring the Serpent Within
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
If I can ignore the reality of a six-foot long snake in the bedroom, how can I trust any of my mind's activity?
· Keep Humble and You'll Be Alright: 2 Other Near Misses
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
Life is really a controlled fall... we can't stop, but... we can navigate the path of our descent.
may / mayo 2019
· What Father's Are For: Planting Trees in New Orleans
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
...her home will be greener and more fruitful because of the dirt under my fingernails...
· Public Spaces: Parks, Museums, Libraries and San Miguel Sunday
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
Another public space that adds to the wealth of the community is local press.
· A Tale of Two Seders
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
If you were an omniscient being, wouldn't you want to be surprised?
· Another Glimpse of Things to Come, San Miguel Sunday
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
Anagha Godbole, who made it to the final five of India's version of Master Chef, is on board with the new magazine.
· Slow Times in San Miguel
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
...what a pleasure it is to continue out onto an almost empty Ancha, compared with the traffic snarled there continually for the first three months of the year.
· A Glimpse of Things to Come, San Miguel Sunday
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
Gil Gutierrez started Zandunga because he knew that if all else failed, he could pick up his guitar and give his guests a show.
· Nothing's Easy
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
The person making the post may feel more virtuous, but it helps neither the children nor the environment.
· Don't Call It a Parade
        by Joseph Toone
...thus irritating other lantern carriers and really pissing off the municipal personnel in charge of crowd control.
april / abril 2019
· Weighing the Odds in San Miguel
        by Audax Minor II
At about the time the new façade of the Parroquia was finished... the Jardin took on more or less the appearance we now know.
· Your San Miguel Kentucky Derby Party
        by Audax Minor II
...a concerted effort to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest number of drunks gathered in one place.
· Oldish: Hairstyles Over 60
        by Pam Walters
This is supposed to show the world that you're still a woman to be reckoned with. That you're hip, fun-loving, wacky.
· Letters From Home
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Neither of you know how desperate, brutal and lonely the wilderness is.
· Finding and Losing the American Dream in SMA
        by Pam Walters
...the capitalist juggernaut has arrived in our little hamlet, transforming its once bohemian beauty into someone else's dream.
· The Secret Language of the Fan, Danzón
        by Joseph Toone
The seductive language of the fan was invented over time to subtly communicate in the open.
· Up and Out in San Miguel
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
The canapés were delicious. The champagne flowed non-stop for hours.
· What Happens When Boy Meets Girl?
        by Audax Minor II
Conventional wisdom... holds that males are generally stronger and faster than females.
march / marzo 2019
· Danger on the Road to San Miguel
        by Pat Hall
...a male figure dressed in a black uniform jumped out into the road in front of us, holding up his hand and waving us down..
· Spin or Swing? Soul Journey vs. Soul Train
        by Pam Walters
Am I making fun of hippie dancing? Not at all. It’s just that... I need a good, loud beat...
· Our 3-Legged Race to Mexico
        by Pam Walters
I wish I didn't have fearful, bigoted, racist thoughts, but I do.
· Flash, Smoke and Bang: Photographing Fireworks in SMA
        by Scott Umstattd
...gain the admiration of your friends and family while satisfying the personal, technical challenge...
· Pobre Venezuela: Humanitarian Crisis
        by Moisés Alzuro
...a minimum salary less than $7usd/month, the highest inflation in the world and an extremely high homicide rate...
· Bubble Wrap, Trump and My Foray Into "Fake News"
        by Dr David, editor / publisher
What we need is consensus, not students behaving badly on college campuses.
· The Running of the Bulls Returns to SMA
        by Associated Press
...Sanmiguelada, has found a new home in the defunct shopping center Plaza Real del Conde.
· Living Versus Belonging in Mexico
        by Dr David, editor / publisher
...in the Mexican countryside, if you don't have your act together, you're going to die.
· The Madness and Art of Plastic
        by Glen Rogers
...the artist is a transformer in a world of hype-technology and plastic disasters.
Exhibit Opening Thursday March 7
· Poster Art From The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema
        by Frank Rudy Schaeffer
...a world of sex, drugs and Bing Crosby. That's where you'd find me, God's little acre of unrequited desires.
Exhibit / Talk / Sale, Thursday, Friday, March 7, 8
february / febrero 2019
· Art Fairs: SMA, Miami, Mexico City
        by Paul Duval
Imagine the Fabrica Aurora Art Walk on a heavy dose of steroids.
· What You Need to Know About February 2nd
        by Joseph Toone
...before the Spanish arrived the indigenous were fond of the hearts of their captured prisoners of war..
· Candelaria: pictorial
        by Sofie Engström von Alten
Friendly men with wheelbarrows will provide deluxe transportation for your foliage.
· Advancing Style: Instagram Fashion Guru
        by Debra Rapoport
Why not be more yourself at any age?
· Playboy, Hyper-reality and Mexican Culture
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Their material standard of living is most often lower than ours, but one senses that they are living more than us...
· Magical Mystery Tour: Don't Try This At Home
        by Dr David Editor / Publisher
In Silicon Valley... micro-doses of psychedelics are encouraged in the workplace.
· A New Saint From San Luis Potosi
        by Joseph Toone
A tomboy, fond of horses, who often disobeyed her parents as a child...
· Doctors David and Seuss: What Kind of a Doctor Are You?
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
"There is an awful lot going on inside the body and we have very little idea what any of it is."
· Photos, San Miguel de Allende, 7
        by Sharon Lasher
I lived on an Indian Reservation in Cass Lake, Minnesota until I graduated from high school.
january / enero 2019
· Uncovering SMA's Past, Video: Artisans Of Time
        by Alberto Ave
The rescue of the works of Felipe Cossío... abandoned in a municipal library in northern in Peru.
· Coming of Age, Bikers in Camelot: Producer's Blog
        by Wendy Bichel
Possessed by the goddess Kali, the Destroyer, I began the intense process of writing and re-writing the script...
· Mexico’s Most Famous Monster, The Weeping Woman
        by Joseph Toone
...the Weeping Woman continues to roam anywhere there is water, indiscriminately yanking folks to their watery grave.
· SMA to Salt Lake City, Representing Mexican Culture, video
        by Alberto Ave
I would love to be giving these talks in all the embassies and consulates of Mexico around the United States.
· Awesome Adventures... Near San Miguel de Allende
        by Kathleen Bennett
We don't need always to travel to faraway places to find awesome adventures, do we?
Virtual Tours, Tuesdays starting Jan. 15
· Wife and Husband Coproducing
        by Wendy Bichel
I have come to believe that women should interview their prospective boyfriend’s mothers.
Bikers in Camelot, Producer's Blog
· Photographing Parades, Tips From SMA
        by Scott Umstattd
Ensure that you have not just walked through a puddle of lighter fluid.
· Neighboring Neutla: Horses, Honey and Lake
        by Joseph Toone
A stone's throw from town is an Alpine-like lake, lined with mountains and wildflowers... truly gorgeous.
· Painting Transformations
        by Robyn Child Cole
Very early on the morning of September 1, 1984, two months before my 30th birthday, I walked out of jail.
Fabrica La Aurora Art Walk, February 2
· Paying for the View, New Year's Traditions
        by Audax Minor II
I am a man generally thought of by my friends as charming and amusing, but without any ethical standards whatsoever.
· Casting About for a Cast
        by Wendy Bichel
They know they have each other’s backs, and that confidence is allowing all of them to take risks...
Bikers in Camelot, Producer's Blog
december / diciembre 2018
· Suffering For Her Art
        Duke Miller
...a crowd of local peasants, led by the Bucharest police, stormed Titus's home with hounds, torches, and pitchforks.
· Hire a Teenager Now, While They Still Know Everything
        Dr David, Editor/Publisher
Things can get much worse, and, on your present course, dios prohiba, they probably will.
· The Grand Tradition of Radio Theater
        by Fredric Dannen
Welles fretted over the getting exactly the right sound for a scene in which a stake is driven through the heart of a vampire.
· Inspired by The Lotus - A Symbol of Renewal
        by Glen Rogers
I try to capture the hidden aura of the plant and reveal an ethereal side of nature.
· There's Magic Here
        by Matheu DeSilva
...to bring her music to people the old-fashioned way, with vibrant, intimate live performances.
Award-winning, Concert, Friday, December 21
· Running the Kentucky Derby in SMA
        Audax Minor II
...there was a bull that used to graze in front of our house... I was always careful not to wear anything red.
· Flirting, the Evil Eye, Prayers for the Dead
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
I don't think the algorithm read my mind regarding my urge to explore Japanese women...
· The Virgin Guadalupe and the Wicked Witch of the West
        Joseph Toone
Despite his ability to earn in one day in Hollywood what it took him one month to earn in Mexico, he declined further contracts.
· Borges, Bobby Fischer and Economy of Means
        Dr David, Editor / Publisher
How great it is that we, whose genes are those of a banana, can author... such exquisite complexities.
november / noviembre 2018
· Finding a Home, Embracing Our Disabilities
        Brenda Sexton
Artistically employing persons with disabilities in SMA
Rose Ann Hall Designs
· Contac Improv, Broken Glass, Human Destiny
        Dr David, Editor / Publisher Lokkal
The New York Times calls Steve Paxton "A Buddha of American Dance"
· How to Pick the Winner of the Kentucky Derby
        Audax Minor II
Friends who previously thought of you as an amiable idiot will suddenly give you new and abiding respect.
· Reasonably Honest Dave
        Dr David Editor / Publisher
...the truth can be a slippery fish... being right often doesn't count for much.
· The Mystery of Beethoven's Late Period
        Fredric Dannen
In his novel Doctor Faustus, Thomas Mann devotes a long section to analyzing the Op. 111...
· No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
        Dr David Editor / Publisher
MeToo, Micro-Aggression and the End of Western Civilization
· Rescue and Renewal: Lights in the Darkness
        Dr David, Editor/Publisher
If he hadn't been drunk he would have woken up cold in the cold morning.
· La Parroquia... her infinite variety: a Sketchy Life
        Rhoda Draws
...give up accuracy in favor of capturing the essence of a subject in as few strokes as possible.
october / octubre 2018
· Life, Death, & Rebirth in San Miguel
        by Henrietta Weekes
Death is transformation, the breaking of the chrysalis and the departure from the husk.
· Confessions of a Vote-a-holic
        by Barbara Erikson
Since all was lost anyway, I dropped out of college and joined the hippies.
· Shamanism vs. Spiritual Tourism in Mexico
        by Gray Wolf
In 2003, a participant of an Ayuhasca ceremony here in San Miguel committed suicide...
· Photos, San Miguel de Allende, 6
        by Sharon Lasher
· The Healing of Paloma
        by Gray Wolf
The healer is only invoking and holding the presence of Spirit so that Spirit may act.
· How We Love a Good Story
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
...that professor wouldn't have been more surprised, if you had thrown a bag of shit at him...
· Kenny Shopsin Is Dead
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
"The Irascible Chef-King of Lower Manhattan"
· Heaven Calling: with whom would you like to speak?
        by Joseph Toone
I was reading David Sedaris’ newest book in which he mentions dealing with a physic.
· Musical Odyssey, Mexico to Minnesota and Back
        by Anne Nicolai
...an example of how bridges are built upon kindness, generosity, mutual respect, the universal language of music...
Tour del Bajío, Katia Cardenas in Concert
· Zapotec Diamond & Star Symbols Live On
        by Barbara Erickson
Jacobo also weaves dream visions, very difficult free form patterns that have their roots in Zapotec mythology.
Exhibition / Sale Oaxacan Master Weaver
· Disconcerting Realities, Mexico and Beyond
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
...cops shaking you down on your way back from Costco; 7,000 migrants painfully making their way up to the US border.
september / septiembre 2018
· Disturbance at Árbol de Vida, Waldorf School
        Waldorf Educational Community
Like the phoenix we have risen with new strength from the ashes.
· Coup D'etat on the Farm
        by Oscar Plazola
They wanted to keep the farm for themselves... where they were... those who dictated the laws and applied the rules.
· Disturbio en el colegio Waldorf Árbol de Vida
        Árbol de Vida y la Asociación
...el colegio... han demostrado su resistencia y solidaridad ante una crisis moral.
· Golpe de estado en la granja
        por Oscar Plazola
...la libertad se lleva en el espíritu y en el pensamiento, y ahí no es posible poner cadenas ni candados.
· Why Did Forbes Recognize SMA's Gilda Pontbriand as One of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico?
        by Roxana Orué
Five years ago, she began teaching art workshops to children of extreme poverty in SMA...
· ¿Por Qué Forbes Reconoció a Gilda Pontbriand de SMA como una de las Cien Mujeres Más Poderosas de México?
        por Roxana Orué
Hace cinco años comenzó a impartir talleres de arte a niños de extrema pobreza en SMA...
· Back to School: Science, Memory and Religion
        by Joseph Toone
The downside of a photographic memory is that my brain is too busy taking mental snapshots to attend to other matters.
· Family Constellations: Healing Emotional Inheritance
He was an emotionally absent father, who was disconnected in turn from his parents.
· Your Color-coded Guide to Paper Flags
        by Joseph Toone
...with a bit of color knowledge you’ll know exactly what is being celebrated.
august / agosto 2018
· Presumption
        The Best of the Civl List
...it's obnoxious for adults to dictate to other adults how they should or shouldn't express themselves.
· Go Back Where You Came From: The Bells of San Antonio
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
There is a special place in hell for those who light off fireworks [really aerial dynamite] at 6am.
· Uncomplicating Mezcal: and Discovering El Dorado
        by Glenn Griffin
I felt dangerous drinking mezcal.
· A Norwegian Stalker
        by Joseph Toone
...she often feels at a loss being so far away from the city in which her son adored living...
· The Madres, Buenos Aires in San Miguel
        by Fredric Dannen
"A powerful night of theatre that will keep you on the edge of your seat."
· Living History on the Road to Cieneguita
        by Joseph Toone
...makeup that makes the dancers bound to appear in your future nightmares.
· “Truth Isn't Truth” Isn't “Truth Isn't Truth”
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
“Hire a teenager now, while they still know everything.”
· You Say Tomato and I Say Jitomate
        by Angeles Correa Enríquez
We Mexicans are often confused by our neighbors north of the border.
· Diego Rivera Re-imagined in San Miguel
        by Lokkal
...painstakingly restaging or "Reimaging" 8 of Diego Rivera's greatest works in SMA...
· Butterflies, A Digital Migration
        by Ri Anderson
I am interested in the butterfly for the symbolism of the monarch’s migratory route...
july / julio 2018
· A Lifetime of Achievement, Joseph McClain
        by Michael Sylvester
To move forward, to be inquisitive, to imagine newness, to allow wonder, to embrace the future and to give freely...
· Reformatting Life, Confronting the Subtext
        by Dr David, Publisher / Editor Lokkal
These unconscious codes often give an unwanted tone, color and emphasis to what we think or say.
· The Digital Art of Evelyne Pouget
        by Mitch Ditkoff
The first time she saw the Concheros, dancing up Umaran to the Jardin, she was stunned.
· Raindrops Keep Falling: the Flood of 2018
        by Joseph Toone
But we couldn’t even get out of Atotonilco. The normally sluggish and shallow Laja River overflowed its banks ...
· A Sketchy Life, Rhoda Draws
I encourage my students to avoid precision and accuracy, but to embrace the accidental, approximate and “close enough” mindset.
· The Old Farts' Gin Game
        by Gray Wolf
I was their guest in this holy of holies because I was Arliss’ son.
· The People Elected Hope
        by Michael Dorfman
...AMLO now represents hope for the millions of Mexicans that have been brushed aside for so many decades.
· Westward View in Ten Lights
        by Mike Stark
· Madame Pele Speaks: Volcanic Conversations
        by Rose-Marie Glen
...any volcanic eruption in Hawaii is attributed to Pele’s longing to be with her true love
· Dragon Tales San Miguel de Allende
        by Joseph Toone
The dragon was a metaphor of the hostile pagan faiths that frustrated the early Church.
june / junio 2018
· The Cat Plays a Serious Game
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
And if he wants to relish his prize in peace, away from the interference of neighboring cats... he deserves as much...
· Murals, Murals Everywhere
        by Joseph Toone
...artists express themselves through public art, particularly along the creek’s bank across from the high school.
· Dia de Los Locos, Philip Roth and the Meaning of Life
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
And it helps to have a rich vocabulary, a lush perception... so that we can read more into and make more out of it.
· Why Turning 15 and a Quinceañera Matters
        by Joseph Toone
A quinceañera, like most every modern San Miguel tradition, has its roots in mixture of indigenous and Spanish culture.
· Clouds and Kabbalah
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
What I felt so strongly a short while ago now is wholly passed, like the pain of a stubbed toe...
· It Is An Honor to be Your Friend
        by Joseph Toone
Through Lupita’s efforts I’ve been able to be front and center in events, processions and fiestas no foreigner is a part of.
may / mayo 2018
· Behind The Canvas- Architect, Artist
        by Oliver Martinez
I have been living in my studio in downtown SMA for four months so far.
· Disney, Cinderella, Nopales and the Parroquia
        by Joseph Toone
...Disney liked the idea of her castle being placed in the middle of his Florida park like [the] Parroquia...
· Day for Night, Before and After
        by Barry Weiss
One method to create a mood is to have the visual story take place in the evening or early morning.
· Barbarians, Crosses, Parties in the Month of May
        by Joseph Toone
Indigenous believed in human sacrifices, like Jesus’, to appease a god.
· Timmy Land, San Miguel's Edward James
        by Joseph Toone
With mosaic floors, warped staircases and colorful architecture connecting the buildings by curvy pathways, the buildings appear to be toddler playhouses.
· Detrás del lienzo, Arquitecto, artista
        by Oliver Martinez
Desde hace cuatro meses vivo en mi estudio en el centro de San Miguel de Allende.
· Bullfighting, a Growth Industry in SMA
        by Duke Miller
Many of my friends are animal rights activists and staunch vegans. My bullfighting proposal will put our friendships to the test...
· Photos, San Miguel de Allende, 5
        by Sharon Lasher
· San Miguel de Allende, Photos, 1
        by Mark Stark
· Why Mules Matter in San Miguel de Allende
        by Joseph Toone
Today donkeys, mules and burros are omnipresent in San Miguel both visually and in terms of lasting impact.
· We have topics for you.
Please contribute your work to Lokkal. We want to publish you.
april / abril 2018
· March for Missing Students - video
        by Guadalajara - March 24
Alive they were taken! Alive we want them!
· Marcha por Estudiantes Desaparecidos - video
        by Guadalajara - 24 Marzo
¡Vivos se los llevaron! ¡Vivos los queremos!
· Barbies in Holy Week
        by Joseph Toone
...the Last Supper must have been a buffet, as Jesus is surprisingly heavy.
· Collage: Surrealist Dreamscapes
        by Laura Honse
I began a 16 meter wall collage in a tunnel outside of my gallery in Hamburg, Germany.
· Miraculous Good Health, Barely Maintained
        by Joseph Toone
fans... I was able to give away to elderly women approaching heat stroke, that is, after I ran out of parasols.
· Five Steeples in Guanajuato: Creating a Photographic Vision
        by Barry Weiss
I replaced the sky with one that was a little more dramatic and then added the birds flying over the city.
· San Miguel Burns
        by Duke Miller
The hotel room begins to fill with blue and orange flames.
· Friday Morning, Centro de Salud
        by Gray Wolf
My tears are now a stream, a river flowing through this land of brown-skinned souls and their angels.
· Early Morning Fireworks, 2 days for St. Joseph
        by Joseph (not the saint) Toone
The indigenous believed every mountain had its own deity, so building a chapel on one for the most powerful saint... was natural.
march / marzo 2018
· Fashion: Weavers' Project / Proyecto tejedoras - video
        by Veronica Genta
...work which is done through our hands with noble materials, such as wool and cotton, transmits all its power...
· The Inside Info on a Sweet Little San Miguel Cafe
        by Don Day
I like it after shopping at Bonanza or the Ignacio Ramirez market or checking out a book at the Biblioteca.
· Potholes Converted into Small Gardens - video
        from Mexico News Daily
'Actually,' he replied, 'we're thinking of planting fruit trees next.' 'Great idea,' said the cop as he drove off.
· Traditional Healers, Curanderos in San Miguel
        by Gray Wolf
"There was a woman with you... She is not good because she plays with magic that she does not understand."
· Ezshwan Winding: Subconscious Taking Over
I open my senses to the experience and emotionally consent to a poetic and thrilling adventure.
· Peter Near and Far: Guatemala and San Miguel
        by Joseph Toone
The monk looked at me like the idiot foreigner that I am and stated simply, "Have you not been down the Hall of Miracles?..."
· Dos Búhos Winery and the Orange Wine - pictorial
        by Sofie Engström von Alten
...it is poured into ceramic vases and buried, letting it ferment in a different way underground, aging it there for up to 3 years.
· Faust of Xichu: the Devil's Bargain
        by Duke Miller
...all of us have a yearning to perform magic acts on our bodies, particularly our faces when they begin to turn downward.
· Our Country Cousins Living It Up
        by Joseph Toone
As always, I bring the head witch my homemade cookies; only an idiot doesn’t show respect for what they don’t totally understand.
· Capitalism vs Culture in San Miguel de Allende
        by Viridiana Gutiérrez
...see daily how everything that has made SMA marvelous and for which it has been recognized as world-class is being destroyed.
· Capitalismo vs Cultura en San Miguel de Allende
        por Viridiana Gutiérrez
...vemos... es destruido todo aquello que ha hecho SMA maravillosa y por lo que ha sido reconocida a nivel mundial.
· Don't Disrespect Guadalupe
        by Joseph Toone
A minimal amount of common sense dictates you wouldn’t use a church, of all venues, to publicly humiliate her image.
· The Nine Lives of Lady Zen
        by Fredric Dannen
Lady Zen teamed up with jazz instrumentals to pioneer a new art form – lyric-fusion poetry – an amalgam of poetry, spoken and sung, and jazz.
Concert Friday, Saturday
february / febrero 2018
· No One Ever Said It Was Fair
        by Kent Evans / video
...I wouldn't realize Guanajuato wasn't Guadalajara until 5 hours before I got there.
· Making Chocolate in México: an Act of Resistance
        www.masdemx.com / video
México, undoubtedly a fragmented place, manages to reconcile its pieces.
· Hacer chocolate en México: an acto de resistencia / video
        www.masdemx.com / video
México, sin duda un lugar fragmentado, logra reconciliar sus piezas...
· Walking in San Miguel
        by Duke Miller
...the salve of Mexican kindness is upon her shiny face and there is light in her eyes.
· So Others Can Eat: pictorial
        by Sofie Engström von Alten
A heavy woman deftly scooped ladle after steaming ladle of soup into bowls, and the procession of meals began
· February Second, All You Need to Know
        by Joseph Toone
The heart was eaten by the highest priest... the new image of Mary’s heart quickly became popular.
· Playing With Gil
        by Bob Stern
...I summoned up the courage (consisting of 3 margaritas I had consumed) to talk with the duo...
· Candelaria: pictorial
        by Sofie Engström von Alten
Welcome to the Jungle of Parque Juarez
· Why are you here?
        by Joseph Toone
I was taken aback by having the voices in my head come out of someone else's mouth.
· Fil Formicola Steps Out
        by Frederic Dannen
The multifaceted actor takes a comic turn in Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple
The Odd Couple, Feb 22-Mar 4
· Debra Rapoport: Older and Bolder
        by Kami Kanetsuka
It used to be that women over 50, unless they were famous or drop-dead gorgeous, became unseen.
· Advanced Style: Sartorial Savvy of the Senior Set - video
        by Ari Seth Cohen
...live life to the fullest, age gracefully and continue to grow and challenge themselves.
Book signing - Saturday, February 24
· Making Art Happen: Future World
        by Scott Umstattd
...we lead people to a setting and give them permission to be what they want to be...
Future World Art Happening - Saturday, March 3
· Happy Accidents: Andrew Osta on His Art
        by Andrew Osta
I like painting late at night, because I feel like the energy surrounding me is different.
Opening - Friday, March 2
· Joseph Toone's Walking Tour: Virgin of Guadalupe - pictorial
        by Sofie Engström von Alten
...leads us curious visitors from church to church, dissecting the intricately carved facades, meeting the wise saints and sidestepping devout locals.
january / enero 2018
· Notes from Monte Alban
        by Glen Rogers
...many large stones inscribed with an intriguing array of figures and symbols, a hidden language...
Exhibition, Fabrica Art Walk
· Giving and Receiving:
        by Mary Jane Miller
...the USA racks up one billion dollars in returned gifts.
Dialogue for Peace, Event/Exhibit, Thur. Jan. 4
· Getting In... and Out of Purgatory
        by Joseph Toone
The three crosses mark where they had their appointments with death just outside of Purgatory...
· Waaaacheeeenaaaango, at One of SMA's 3 Best Restaurants
        by Don Day
...fresh seafood isn't an easy find in a town a few hundred miles from an ocean.
· Interconexión: Oneness in All Things
        by Gaia Schilke
...celebrates the joyous beauty of the world around us, and does so with the knowledge of how much we stand to lose...
· Reaching for the Heavens in Comonfort
        by Joseph Toone
...the church for Mary of Good Help, very obviously built upon the remains of a step pyramid.
· A Nightingale Sings in San Miguel
        by Don Day
I became Yoremem Jacobi’s biggest fan that night and over the years have followed her like a loyal hound...
· Phrases of the Year: the World in a Phrase
        by Dilia Suriel
Happy people produce. Bored people consume.
· Knick Knack Paddy Whack, Give the Dog a Blessing
        by Joseph Toone
Here in Mexico the indigenous strongly believed in the equilibrium between man and the natural world.
· Goodbye Cancun... Hello San Miguel - part 1
        by Michael Dorfman
...the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever was heading towards us. In Vegas the odds of a direct hit went from 20:1 to 2:1.
· Coco the Movie: Disney in San Miguel
        by Joseph Toone
But did you note all the Day of the Dead symbolism... that is also on display right here in SMA?
· Photos of San Miguel - 4
        by Sharon Lasher
december / diciembre 2017
· Flooded Village Lives Again: Rural Ed Inst.
        by Joseph Toone
Rural Ed turns over their efforts to the locals to run versus having them remaining for decades as foreigner-run...
· Hand-Painting On Textiles
        by Laura Honse
Her hand-painted fabrics are a shying away from technological perfection and coldness, a search for the meditative slowing down of time...
exhibit/sale Saturday, December 9
· Doll Therapy
        by Lena Bartula
Swift sees them as people bewildered by the complexities of life, yet with a sense of humor about their journey.
opening Saturday, December 9
· La Huerta: Mexico's National Tree
        by Joseph Toone
...around 500 years old. The tree is called Sabino, indigenous for “old man of the water”.
· Video Interview with Artist Brenda Jaramillo
        by Jessica Antonelli
Brenda's work will be featured at the GuadalupArte Art Crawl, Sat. Dec. 9.
· Holst’s The Planets: Sax Quartet
        by Fredric Dannen
...the only ensemble outside of Japan ever to perform Nagao’s stunning adaptation...
Concert - Wed. Thurs. Dec. 13, 14
· My Trip to Mineral de Pozos
        by Carolyn Studer
One day the miners dug too deep. The mines flooded and it was impossible to correct the damage.
· A Holly, Jolly, Horsey Christmas
        by Joseph Toone
Dozens of cowboys and girls of all ages rode into town singing the praises of Christ the King...
· My Father was a Gambling Man
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
...I admired my father's ability to hustle... you could drop him anywhere and he would land on his feet.
· Tax Changes: Give in 2017 for 2018
        by Don Krim and David Russell
The deduction likely won’t be available next year.
· A Mexican Christmas Story
        by Duke Miller
...if you ever hear somebody saying that Mexicans don't care for dogs, just tell them about Fantasma...
· Gone A'Soldiering: Treasure Hunting
        by Joseph Toone
Rumors abound that his Catrin-esque (skeletal) remains are there. Also that the surrounding smaller caves house hidden gold.
· Photos of San Miguel - 3
        by Sharon Lasher
november / noviembre 2017
· Day of the Living Dead
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher Lokkal
A NYU research hospital published a report last week that proves there is life after death.
· Art of the Present, Timeless Characters
        by Ximena Jordán
...these mythological referents connect... his art, with both spiritual and material matters of society...
· Arte del presente, personajes sin tiempo
        by Ximena Jordán
...estos referentes mitológicos lo conectan... a su arte, con asuntos tanto espirituales como materiales de la sociedad
· Photos, San Miguel de Allende, 1
        by Sharon Lasher
· Sueño de Opio
        by Oscar Plazola
La tierra, que se había estado aflojando por el exceso de agua no aguantó más el peso de los edificios de lujo...
· The Town Crier
        by Joseph Toone
Following the fire here in town the statue of St. Nicholas began to cry and continues to.
· Opium Dream
        by Oscar Plazola
The land, which had been saturated... could take no more. Luxury buildings and giant trucks and everything turned into an avalanche.
· Day of the Dead Hits North of the Border
        by Joseph Toone
...Americans are loud people who prefer to live quiet lives, while Mexicans are quiet people who prefer live loud lives.
· Clean Water: Fluoride Removal Research
        Caminos de Agua
Biochar, made from animal bones, has proven highly effective in removing fluoride from contaminated groundwater
· A Woman's Body is a Battlefield
        by Isis Rodriguez
We are forever the symbols of motherhood, sexuality and beauty whether we want it or not.
· "Your Mother is in the Hospital. Welcome to San Miguel."
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher
Daily, before breakfast, she'd be swearing like a sailor, if at nothing else, than at the newspaper's headlines.
· Silent Film Star in Guanajuato
        by Joseph Toone
Joseph Toone
· A Kite Over Mazatlán
        by Duke Miller
He wondered about the final breaths of Mozart and how everything depended upon things that were entirely undependable.
· Death and Taxes
        by Joseph Toone
The photos that get the most reactions are those that feature a coffin removed because the former resident’s descendants not paying the tomb tax.
· Photos of San Miguel - 2
        by Sharon Lasher
october / octubre 2017
· Urban Fragments: Paris and Mexico
        by Chuck Scalin
...to wander a new city's cobblestone streets, extracting images from walls and surfaces.
· Xuchiles Bring Home the Dead
        by Joseph Toone
This symbolically brings the ancestors back to their tombs, for St. Michael’s church was build atop the Chichimeca graveyard
· My Famous Spaghetti and Kenny Rogers
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher Lokkal
...“famous” red sauce, because more than once it has struck fear into the hearts of men of Italian decent
· Controversial Paintings: the Relation of Beauty and Violence
        by Isis Rodriguez
...the conflict first starts inside of us, with all our fears that we experience throughout our lives.
opening, Saturday, October 14
· Backstage Pass, Wooly Mammoth, Atotonilco
        by Joseph Toone
The church was built on top of hot springs to keep the local Otomis from worshipping their old gods through sexual acts in the water.
· Clouds of Glory, Atheists and the 3 O'clock Tune
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher Lokkal
Scientists... don't like to talk about God. They are, however, talking about a Great Mystery.
· San Miguel de Allende, Point of No Return
        by Alberto Aveleyra
We are about to reach a point in the development... that will profoundly and negatively modify the environment, cultures, quality and way of life.
· Lena Bartula, La Huipilista - Video Interview
        by Jessica Antonelli
A huipil for me is a messenger shirt. It's a garment that tells a story.
· Exploring the Eastern Ranchos
        by Joseph Toone
In the field across from it is a clump of trees growing over the remains of a pre-Hispanic pyramid...
· Collecting Mexican Folk Art
        by Barbara Erickson
The potter described the somewhat scary creature as a shape shifting trickster.
· Festival, Family, Peyote and the Huichol Medicine Man
        by Dr David, Editor / Publisher Lokkal
...workers at a certain level in Silicon Valley (think Google) regularly take micro-doses of LSD on the job.
· A Woman Stands in Time
        by Tandy Martin
She wants to smell the rainy air on her terrace and see the green plants breathe
september / septiembre 2017

· Living Walls
        by Honey Sharp
On surfaces from cement to brick, stucco, or even metal doors and with materials from aerosol cans to acrylic paint applied by brush or roller, the art continues to flourish.
· Tuesday Market in San Miguel
        by Isobel Cunningham
MX of young men shaking hands with the aged guitar player. MX of hard work and of corruption... Tawdry MX of a tinsel covered baby Jesus. Elegant MX of the cowboy.
· Americans Aging in Mexico
        by Joseph Toone
All this is in accord with the advice from combative 1930s actress Bette Davis, who once stated, "Aging isn't for sissies."
· An Emperor Visits San Miguel
        by Linda King
“Mexicans!” he called out in Spanish before the bullets hit, “I die for a just cause: that of the independence and freedom of Mexico!..."
· Periochisme
        por Oscar Plazola
...es imposible controlar todo lo que se publica en internet, que vivimos en una sociedad donde se practica la libertad de expresión, pero ¿dónde queda la ética y la conciencia?...
· Who Picks up the Check?
        by Joseph Toone
Once upon a time, however, the Church did pay. Or rather, they taxed you and then used your money to pay...
· Marquez and Octavio
        by Duke Miller
The eternal dictators always attack the students first; the ones who are too young to totally understand the danger...
· Local Gal Lives Her Dream
        by Joseph Toone
Here my cleaning lady was quitting to live her dream, the dream of owning her own restaurant.
· The "New" Website for SMA - video
        We proudly preset the new Lokkal
Please take two minutes and watch all of our new features. Thanks
· An Elegant Video About an Elegant Man
        by Janosh Chassan
In order to be chosen a picture must be beautiful, sensual and provocative.
· Urban Sketchers at Finca Luna Serena
It's a spectacular operation located not far from the road to Los Rodriquez, and they offer a few different types of tours.
· Appreciating Miracles
        by Joseph Toone
The use of milagros is an ancient and nearly universal practice that endures.
august / agosto 2017

· Five Minutes in the Life of Duke Miller, Part 1
        by Duke Miller
...the tribes and clans crowd together and jump up and down, trying to pierce the sky...
· Poverty Amidst Wealth in San Miguel de Allende
        by Ted Davis
...this field was dotted with rusted corrugated metal huts, some with old blue tarps for makeshift roofs.
· I Scream, You Scream: Comonfort as a Tourist Destination
        by Joseph Toone
...I recognized that their plan was laced with difficulties. Principal among these is that Comonfort is not a tourist town...
· Seinfeld's "Greatest Jew Joke" and Happy Anniversary
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher Lokkal
Opening a restaurant can be like inviting cancer into your body.
· A Short History of a Long Time: SMA
        by Joseph Toone
Periodically, the Spanish would meet to determine if the Chichimecas were animals or soul-bearing humans.
· Frida Kahlo's Numerology
        by Austin Starr
She had many lovers, from Josephine Baker to Leon Trotsky, with lots of stops in between.
· The Rise and Fall and Rise of Eugene O'Neill
        by Fred Dannen
When the curtain fell... the stunned audience was silent for nearly a minute, and then rushed the stage for a half-hour ovation.
· 10 Questions about La Troupe
        by Editorial Board
It's the first truly bilingual theater company in SMA, and... one of the few such companies of its kind in the world.
· "No Hay Diferencia" - Interview with Paco Rivera
        by Woody Price
...the music industry is very stupid here in México. This business of music is the only part of music I don't like.
· A Mexican-American Dynamic: Two Sides of the Peso
        by Lydia-jane Failing
I saw the best and the worst: kind-hearted, fun-loving, generous and do-anything-for-you, versus, devious, thieving, dangerous and gringo-baiting.
· Pila Seca Prolongación
        by Ram Chanty, Dr David
In this hot, dry land trees are valued, some yet-pagan influence breaking through catholic edifice...
· Photographing the Faces of SMA: Who needs Tyra Banks?
        by Joseph Toone
... photographing interesting local faces for a future exposition... To date he has had 100 models. He is shooting for 200 hundred.
· The Sorrows of Young Eugene
        by Fred Dannen
The result was the greatest O’Neill drama, in the opinion of many, the finest play ever written by an American.
· Anciana
        by Mike Lucas
Death resizes infinity so reality is endurable.
· Rehearsing for St. Mike's Day
        by Joseph Toone
The Chichimeca dead were previously included back at the Parroquia, which was built upon the Chichimeca graveyard
july / julio 2017

· Running to the Edge of the World
        by Duke Miller
Succumbing to peer pressure is common among adolescents... Feelings of cowardice are common enough among men.
· Uxmal, Inspiration for the Artist
        by Glen Rogers
I respond to the mystery, to the unknown, and to the purely visual beauty of these ancient designs.
· Fiestas and Fireworks, San Miguel de Allende's Unusual Personality
        by Joseph Toone
...culture is not found in great works of art, but in the gestures we make in daily living.
· Perspective of a Face Slap: American Attacked?
        by Joseph Toone
I can’t help but wonder what she said to her neighbors that would elicit such anger and implicit condoning of the slap.
· Down The Rabbit Hole in Oaxaca: the MASKS Series
        by Laura Honse
A storm broke loose that night and once again we all fell down the rabbit hole as a dashing French-Mexican grabbed a knife...
· Consuming the Future
        video, 20 minutes
Groundwater, Agro-export and Inequity in the State of Guanajuato
· Fractals, Legos, Chaos and Hope: a Bodacious Surprise
        by Bishop William O. Gregg
Their process was characterized by confidence, wonder, willingness, exploration, humor, collaboration, trust, and creativity.
· "Chant of Two Gardens": the union of two artists
        exhibition, Saturday, July 22
We had to solve how to integrate both languages, so that 2D and 3D became one piece...
· "Canto de dos jardines": la unión de dos artistas
        exhibición, sábado, 22 de julio
Sólo faltaba resolver la manera de integrar ambos lenguajes, para que bidimensión y tridimensión se hicieran una sola pieza...
· SMA Through the Eyes of Old Time Travelers
        by Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
"The river was swollen and difficult to pass. The current dragged me down and I grew faint."
· SMA a Través de los Ojos de los Viajeros de Antaño.
        por Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
"El río iba muy crecido y queriendo pasar, me llevaba la corriente y se me desvanecía la cabeza..."
· To Gate or Not to Gate? Who Owns Your Street?
        by Joseph Toone
The gate-keeper even forced a 93 year old grandmother, because of her skin tone, to walk 15 minutes, instead of allowing her to continue in her taxi.
june / junio 2017

· When the Cows Come Home
        by Carlos Chancellor
...if I am unaware, then many things will come across as a threat.
· Standing Naked Before Us: the MASKS series
        by Laura Honse
Sinuhe was the son I always wanted and a youthful lover who brought magic and energy back into my life.
· The Destruction of the Jesuits in Mexico
        by Joseph Toone
...they also educated the enslaved indigenous... forming in them thoughts independent of their masters.
· San Miguel de Allende: From $10 Million
        by Oscar Plazola
You can make a neighborhood disappear, and make a golf course appear, all with the magic of the wallet...
· San Miguel de Allende desde $10 millones
        por Oscar Plazola
...si se puede desaparecer un barrio y aparecer un campo de golf, ¿lo qué se podrá hacer con la magia de la cartera?
· Church and State: USA and Mexico
        by Joseph Toone
Understanding of what goes on around you removes fear and its cousin, anger, which opens the door to a fuller enjoyment...
· Only One Leg to Stand On, exhibit
        by Edward Swift
"I'm nothing but a tired, old, worn-out widow with only one leg to stand on, but I'm still going along."
· Theta Healing
        por Oscar Plazola
Mi única terapia de theta fue en el metro... quedé atrapado entre las tetas de dos señoras...
· The Sea Monsters of San Miguel
        by Joseph Toone
in this landlocked area of Mexico... how did the indigenous picture a sea monster?
· The Making of a Great Tenor: What's so High About High C?
        by Michael Sylvester
...it is not enough to be an accomplished vocal athlete. That singer must find the elusive whisper of truth...
· Wearing Monet's Water Lilies
        by Laura Honse
One sees the muddy depths of the water lily pond, the colorful water lily leaves and flowers, the water-reflected sky and sun.
· US Air Force Training in San Miguel: flying the friendly skies
        by Joseph Toone
...the US military-industrial complex sends students to San Miguel each year to immerse them in local history and culture.
· Taxi to the Doctor
        by Duke Miller
The romance has given way to a much harsher reality and we are the lesser for it.
· Theta Healing
        by Oscar Plazola
The car swayed and suddenly I was trapped between the tetas [teats] of two bulky ladies...
· Respect Makes the World Go Around
        by Joseph Toone
I hope she can read... the unspoken apology on my face and that she will not let a verbal torrent loose on the woman.
may / mayo 2017

· ¡Buen Provecho! - Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
        by Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
It's an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the traditional sanmiguelense cuisine, a surrealistic and magical culture.
· Semana Santa - pictorial
        by Urban Sketchers of SMA
...we gathered at high noon on Easter Sunday, for the Burning of Judas in the Jardin...
· Getting Things Done Quickly in Mexico
        by Joseph Toone
"Well, there are a lot of things in San Miguel that aren't very popular out here in the countryside."
· ¡Buen Provecho! - Patrimonio Inmaterial de la Humanidad
        by Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
...ofrece una maravillosa perspectiva de la mente mexicana, de su corazón y de su estómago.
· My Daily Exercise
        by Duke Miller
A tribesman had taken a potshot at... a distance and the bullet had fragmented on the frame of my SUV and then glanced off my skull.
· Backstage at the Good Friday Procession, an Insider's View
        by Joseph Toone
...Mexicans do believe that if carrying a saint or Virgin is heavy for you, then it is a reflection of your need to let go of your indiscretions.
· The Mummies of Guanajuato / El Museo de las Momias
        by Eileen Aldis
video - graphic content
· Heat, Dreams and Rain: a new season
        by Dr Dave, Editor, Publisher Lokkal
Here summer begins with full vengeance in May.
· Party at Alcocer's Festival of the Cross
        by Joseph Toone
Next to the lake is the largest tree I’ve seen in the area, on par with the one in La Huerta...
· Opportunity Tinkles on the Door: the MASKS series
        by Laura Honse
I threaten to... cuss him out anytime I hear him playing... in front of the greasy hamburger joint at night.
· Skipping Forward, Easing Back: a walk along Lake Allende
        by Lou Christine
...we possess the abilities to contour life's path and have the wherewithal to balance things out...
· Little Chapels of Indigenous Ways
        by Joseph Toone
Religions do no disappear overnight, they die slowly and gradually.
april / abril 2017

· Mercado San Juan De Dios: pictorial
        by Douglas Cullen, Andrés Carnalla, Mexican Food Journal
Every market has food stalls which are worth a visit for great homestyle meals at very reasonable prices.
· Living History on the Road, El Camino Real
        by Joseph Toone
With the arrival of the railroad, El Camino Real receded back into the earth through disuse and erosion.
· Absence of Family While Residing in a Foreign Land
        by Lou Christine
...when we see our Mexican hosts involve themselves in family life a tinge of jealousy might rise...
· San Miguel in the Fabulous Fifties: a Sentimental Business Journey
        by Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
In 1950 the Hotel Posada San Francisco... won the prize in the National Hotel Contest for its ambiance, architecture and good service.
· The Last Trio: Holy Week San Miguel
        by Joseph Toone
Then church members, friends and family of the prisoners would bring the image of Jesus behind bars and the food to the prison.
· Letter to Aunt Evie (and to you dear reader)
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher
...after tinkering in the hangar for years, we are rolling down the runway and I can feel the air under my wings.
· Infamous, Unhappy Man, You are the Cause of my Anguish
        by Duke Miller
"Life is a wonderful thing, the man thought, as long as the pain is not too great."
· Stirling Dickinson's San Miguel?
        by Joseph Toone
Frankly, aside from the street that bears his name, I didn’t see Stirling’s legacy in today’s San Miguel.
· Viaje Nostálgico a San Miguel: Los Establecimientos Comerciales de los Años Cincuenta
        por Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
En 1950 el Hotel Posada de San Francisco... ganó el premio del Concurso Nacional de Hoteles
· From Dance to Dance Therapy: Embodying the Healing Power of Art
        by Txell Prat
...if I danced nicely or not... was simply not relevant. Most important for me was the inner landscapes I could access.
· The Evolution of Laura Honse: Textiles, Painting, Jewelry
        by Laura Honse
I had hardly drawn or painted since being thrown out of the painting department in my art school...
· Now That the Holidays are Gone: Recapping Semana Santa
        by Joseph Toone
All this storytelling was an attempt to make the characters more relatable to the indigenous.
march / marzo 2017

· The Music That Enchanted America: Why Bossa Nova Still Matters
        by Fredric Dannen
Bossa nova was created in Brazil... just as the country was emerging from a protracted history of civil wars and bloody dictatorships...
· Women and Architectural Objects
        Artist statement/video by Linda Soberman
...women had been hidden or edited from history and not acknowledged for their significant contributions.
· Is There History Without Faith?
        by Joseph Toone
...understanding history and culture removes fear and anger, replacing them with compassion and joy.
· Homage to San Miguel's Deborah Turbeville: pictorial
        by BC May
"They move forward clutching their past about them, as if the ground of the present may fall away."
· La Mujer y los Objetos Arquitectónicos
        Declaración de un artista, Linda Soberman
...las mujeres han estado apartadas y editadas de la historia y poco reconocidas por sus significantes contribuciones.
· San Miguel's Southern Sister City
        by Joseph Toone
Both cities were left devastated by the war and fell into decades of decay brought on by abject poverty.
· Queretaro's Gran Charreada: "living history"
        by Kathleen Bennet
"If one steps into the forest and knows where the path leads....there is no adventure!"
· CHARABATIBIZZARRI - Ceramics Evoking Textiles
        by Barbara Erickson
..to take the gift of clay – the mud of the earth, and mix it with life-giving water and then add the spirits of the four elements...
· San Miguel's Weddings: Imported or Domestic?
        by Joseph Toone
I often have seen wedding party members stocking up on tacos in the Jardin... it may be a bit until the wedding reception meal.
february / febrero 2017

· The Dream Project, NY Theatre Director Working in SMA
        by Katie McHugh
"The dream we live in Mexico is also a nightmare..."
· Indigenous Mexican, Jazz, World Music, Mixing It Up in SMA (listen)
        by Daina Jasmine
We all have access to music and musical ideas from throughout the world and throughout history
· Of Crosses and Witches in San Miguel
        by Joseph Toone
...find yet another cross used for the dark arts. The area around hosts evening fires to cast spells.
· Susan Page
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher Lokkal
audio interview
· William Spratling, Father of Mexico’s Silver Jewelry Industry
        by Lou Christine
He became a vivacious and virtual front man with almost empty pockets.
· Advice for Visitors (And We Are All Visitors)
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher Lokkal
getting upset because a dog barks in the middle of the night does not help you fall back asleep...
· The Establishment of the Artistic Colony of Expats in SMA
        by Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
Many brilliant minds had wandered through our cobblestoned streets and they have impregnated our walls with their creative energy.
· El Establecimiento de la Colonia Artística de Expatriados en SMA
        por Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
Muchas mentes brillantes han pasado por estas calles empedradas y han impregnado los muros de la ciudad con su energía creativa.
· Life and Death of a Newspaper and SMA 1970
        by Arnie Reisman
I met many folks who were blacklisted back in the US, victims of the Red Scare, exiled from academia, arts and entertainment circles.
· Artist and Art Instructor Carmen Jimenez
        by Nancy Mazur
...clay is a living material; the water in it can absorb emotions from me through my hands.
· "The Book of Love"
        Urban Sketchers SMA
It was quite a challenge to sketch such a non-stop production, the storyline moved quickly and the cues were brief...
· Street-Walking in SMA is Not Easy
        by Joseph Toone
The musician felt his music would be carried by the angels to his ill wife and make her well again.
january / enero 2017

· Doors of Perception
        by Gaia Schilke
pictorial, cut & paste paper collage
· Las Calles De San Miguel: Identidad y Memoria
        por Eva Luz Villalón Turrubiates
“En las calles y en los muros, el pueblo hace y escribe la historia de su ciudad.”
· Happy New Year: a brief memoir
        by Dr David, Editor/Publisher Lokkal
The strangest thing was not understanding what had happened, why I had fallen...
· A Serendipitous Odyssey in El Campo
        by Kathleen Bennett
This journey... transported me into a place of traditions and rituals from 100s of years in the past.
· Sombreros and Fiestas of San Miguel: pictorial, part 1
        by Dr. Cynthia Miller
The intricacy of the design and the perfection of the execution are astonishing.
· The Good Eye: the elegance of space
        by Linda Laino
...trusting the process and paying attention to the unexpected gifts given.
SEEK Photography Workshop: January 22-27
· Collecting Miracles in Art: retablos
        by Joseph Toone
What do Nelson Rockefeller, Madonna, Frida, Diego and countless others have artistically in common?
· Urban Sketchers of SMA: Fabrica Art Walk
...with front-row seats to the exciting performances by lively musical trios.
· The Anti-Trump Gringos
        by Duke Miller
They’ve heard gringo tyrants before and they know what they sound like.
· Keith Miller's Sketchbooks at New Britain Museum of American Art
        by Janell Meador
Travel Journals tend to be a private thing, something like talking to myself...
· The Weight of Light: Corporeality and revelation in the work of Raé Miller
        by Viridiana Gutiérrez Tejeda
The spirit is released from the body, with light as its guide.
· El Peso de la Luz: Corporalidad y revelación en la obra de Raé Miller
        por Viridiana Gutiérrez Tejeda
“La luz misma es convertirse en la revelación”
· The Most Popular Pilgrimage Site in the Western Hemisphere
        by Joseph Toone
The dress makes the woman.
· A visit to SMA, Guanajuato and Dolores Hidalgo
        by David Hutchinson
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