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May 26, 2024

by Alejandro Anaya

The day was scorching. In the pond alongside the entrance to Geek & Coffee, the little cafe behind Fabrica la Aurora, ducks and geese sloshed about to beat the extreme heat. Despite the high temperatures, Janet García, artist and children's art teacher, held the second annual exhibition of her student's work.

The event was well-attended by the little students, their parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, as well as friends, all come to celebrate their graduation from the Manos al Arte Workshop.

More than 20 children participated in her program, freely painting their works, expressing their love for art, each piece reflecting their essence and personality.

"It is very important to encourage artistic expression from a young age so that children feel safe, calm, and happy when engaging in creative activities. When we grow up, we often lose creativity and the freedom to express ourselves." - Janet

Geek & Coffee served as the perfect venue to hold the exhibition, thanks to its location, large garden area, and tables inside the cafe. The children ran and danced to live music, celebrating the special day with their families.

Janet has been teaching art classes to children for more than ten years. Her core belief is that it is very important to develop creativity from a young age, since at an early age it can be a means to improve motor skills, develop imagination, communicate and relax.

"The greatest satisfaction this event gives me is seeing the look of happiness and pride on the children's faces when they show their work to their families. Their experience will undoubtedly accompany them for the rest of their lives and will help them face any challenges with creativity and confidence in the future." - Janet

The Manos al Arte Workshop also thanked the children's parents for their trust and support in carrying out this important, transcendent event for the young students.



Alejandro Anaya is a visual artist and writer, originally from Torreon who, for more than five years, has lived and actively participated in the San Miguel community. His collaboration with Lokkal is part of his philosophy as a storyteller, and his commitment to share his discoveries and reflections on this beautiful part of Mexico, with all who seek to live a unique experience in our magical town. Exhibiting in Gallery Edgardo Kerlegand, Fabrica La Aurora.



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