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Ayahuasca Ceremony with Juan Carlos Taminchi


May 5, 2024

by Martín Buen Viaje

Juan Carlos is dedicated to the path of medicine and the channeling of the spirit. From an ancient Amazonian lineage by his father and Andean (Inca) descendant by his mother, he has a unique way of uniting these rich cultural heritages through his work and service as Ayahuascero, Tabaccero, Visionary Artist and Musician.

He has been sharing his work around the world for the past 20 years, best known for his powerful ikaros and the quality of the medicine he prepares, always returning to his home in the jungle to return to communion with the earth and offer healing to those in need.

Juan Carlos grew up in the Peruvian Amazon, immersed in a culture that still uses medicinal plants through the Healer.

He is dedicated to maintaining these rituals as they have been practiced for thousands of years and to preserving the heritage of these traditions for the benefit of all with whom they are shared. He is dedicated to the care of sacred plants, protecting their natural habitat and reforesting them so that they can continue healing and inspiring future generations.

He is the guardian of Inti Yacd, its healing center located among 37 hectares of land that Juan Carlos and his family have been caring for for the last 7 years, reintroducing many healing species. Among the medicinal plants he has been reforesting, are Ayahuasca, Ehacruna, Chacrupanga, Chuehuwasi, Sacha Ajo, Coca, Bobinzana, Wayra Caspi, Piñón Colorado, Patiquina Negra, Lupune Blanca (Ceiba Pentadra), Malva, Chirisanango y Tabaco, that he uses for ceremonies, plant diets and traditional Amazonian cures.

People travel from all over the world to stay in Inti Yacu for ceremonies, physical cleansing and spiritual healing, feeling the calm and presence of these great plant spirits and the powerful energy of this sacred land and jungle.

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Coming from a long cultural bond and with more than 20 years of experience preparing and serving this medicine, Juan Carlos is a guide you can trust for this powerful healing ceremony. He works with precision and devotion, bringing a unique element to each of his ceremonies due to his rich background and extensive learning of ancestral traditions around the world, and he carries these traditions with honor and reverence, with dedication to their preservation.

For those who come to receive medicine, this vegetable spirit provides the opportunity to gain a broader perspective of their life situation, as the soul expands beyond the physical body to the place of the spirit, for divine healing, revelation and transformation.

The spirit of this medicine has great intelligence and works with you based on the sincerity of your intention. Healers say 50% of the work is done by the plant and the other 50% is up to you. Therefore, psychological and physical preparation is very important, as well as integrating the information and advice you receive, and applying them to your life, especially if you are committed to this path and want to develop a reciprocal relationship with plants.

Tobacco: A Powerful and Wise Plant

Tobacco is a powerful and wise plant, recognized by cultures around the world for its strong spirit. In the Amazon it is known as the King Plant, and is used by many healers for its cleansing, protective and restructuring properties.

Purging tobacco is a cleansing ceremony. The tobacco leaves are prepared in the form of tea, which the participant will drink, causing him to vomit or possibly go to the bathroom. It is not a psychedelic experience, although some people with greater sensitivity may experience subtle visions or feel the presence of the spirit of the plant.

Cleansing or "purging" is not just physical. Tobacco acts on many levels of our being: energetic, mental, spiritual, emotional and physical. As we purge physically, the wisdom of this plant runs through all our energy bodies, seeking toxicity and incongruity. When we release, many energies are also released through this physical purge.

For this reason, this type of ceremony is especially effective for people with addictions (substances, mental tendencies, etc.), since it cleans us at all levels, while restructuring parts of our body and energy field that have been damaged by destructive behaviors. It is also effective in releasing emotional pain to which we may cling consciously or unconsciously.

Tobacco also has a strong protective quality. In this way, it helps free us from these energies, surrounding us with a protective energy, helping to keep old patterns and behaviors at bay.

Along with our own dedication to improvement, tobacco purging serves as a powerful tool to liberate, strengthen and heal ourselves. It is recommended for anyone who feels that this experience would be useful.


Martín Buen Viaje is an explorer of native peoples. He explores pre-Hispanic mythology and its connection with power animals through their myths, making expeditions with naturalists, biologists, scientists, geologists, naturists, artists and shamans among others.

His aim is hte recovery of the sacred bond and brotherhood with animals, to better coexist with them and recover harmony at home, body, mind and spirit.

He is a member of the board of directors of Huerto Roma Verde CDMX, a representative in San Miguel de Allende of Extinction Rebellion, an ambassador of the Quetzal of the Triunfo Forest Reserve in Chiapas, a member of Hatch, journalist in Lokkal, photographer, documentalist, content generator, former publicist....


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