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March 3, 2024

Maru Vázquez

Art gives us the opportunity to explore our own world through intellect, emotion and spirit, to open all the doors of our being, transforming our essence into something that gives beauty and pleasure.

Art begins in the manifestation of the being that will be expressed. It doesn't matter if it's through form, color, rhythm or balance. What is relevant is the background, which not only becomes a witness to its own history, but part of the legacy of the historical moment at a global level.

Art is what has kept our spirit and hope alive, what has calmed our demons and tamed our wild beasts.

Take the time to unleash imagination and fly into unknown universes, to enter the deep worlds of existence. There will be red, green, or yellow ones. Blacks, greys, glosses or opaques will probably also appear. From all this you come up with your own creation... a piece of art.

Art is a moment of encounter with ourselves and others, of communion between the creator and the spectator, who sees himself reflected in the work. It is a moment of great introspection for the artist and of deep reflection for those who admire the work. It reminds us that not everything is overwhelming or tragic. It incites us to embark on new paths of personal discovery and appreciation of what exists. It stimulates us to open our senses to parallel sometimes chaotic worlds, turning those into something very different.

We observe the world as many have not seen it, noticing the red hue of a flower, the melodious song of birds or the soft dance of leaves accompanied by the wind. Nature is art and many of us have been missing it.

Art is a great teacher that engages all our senses to make us vibrate in another frequency. It reminds us of other yesterdays and gives us glimpses of new tomorrows. It is the instrument that gives different nuances to moments and new rhythms to our days.



Maru Vázquez

Born in Mexico in 1960. She entered the art world in a lyrical and circumstantial way, in 1975, working with oils. Later she perfected her technique and took classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, graphic design, art history, human figure, object art, engraving, batik, mixed media, abstractionism, monotype, resins and molds and experimental painting.

She has a degree in Graphic Communication from the Academia de San Carlos, as well as a master's degree in Visual Arts from UNAM.

Distinguished artists such as José Luis Cuevas+, Alberto Castro Leñero, Manuel Felguérez, Gilberto Aceves Navarro, Alberto Gutiérrez, Emilia Sidauy+, Yani Pecanins+, Juan José Beltrán+, J.D.Weiss and Rafael Solana+, are among her teachers.

She has participated in more than 106 group exhibitions and 35 solo shows in Mexico, the United States, South America and Europe.

Her work is in permanent collections in Mexico, Paris, Berlin, Bermuda, Texas and Cabo San Lucas.

Personalities such as Bertha Taracena, Ninfa Canté, Robert Hughes, G. Archer and Robert E. Edelman have written about her work. Also, there are articles and interviews about her work in the most widely circulated newspapers and publications such as Arte al Día, Expansión, Ocean Drive, Proceso, Harpers Bazaar, Glow, Clara, Quien, Vanidades, Tiempos del Mundo, Personae, Cardinal and Época, among others.

Canal 22 made a special about her career in 2006.

Her work was included in two films "The woman after" and "Siete años de matrimonio". It was also used to illustrate the cover of the book "Aprendí que" by Estrella Aguilar.

In 2011, the Suntory brand made a special production of its Plumb Due liquor with a commemorative label for its 35 years of trajectory. It included the artwork Rebirth, part of the collection "Life, a celebration of..."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development selected her as Mexico's representative for the War on Hunger Group Auction in Paris, France in 2014. This event celebrated the 50th anniversary of the OECD, in which her work was one of the most outstanding contributions.

Most important awards
Third place in the Painting Marathon of Santa Fe, New Mexico 1991.
Diploma as outstanding artist Art Paris, Paris, France 2002 (10th place)
Second place at the First Biennial of Contemporary Latin American Art Barcelona, Spain 2004
Second place, Honorable Mention (5th place) and Special Mention as one of the three best collections presented at Art Paris, Paris, France 2007
First place for painting at the Karlsruhe Biennal, Berlin, Germany 2011.
Representative of Mexico at the OECD Auction for the War on Hunger Group Paris, France, 2014.
Member of ARTAC, Mexican Committee of the International Association of Plastic Artists, associated with UNESCO 2019.

In 2006, under the sponsorship of TELMEX, she created the Women in Art Group, and presides it to date; which has 180 career artists and 27 exhibitions and auctions.

As a parallel work, she teaches a workshop of expression through color and is Creator and Director of Igual... Ninguno!, her own brand of everyday items painted and reborn as pieces of art.

In 2020 she moved to San Miguel de Allende and began exhibiting her work at the Art Museum of Queretaro, the Nudo Gallery, the Calderoni Gallery, located in the cultural center "La Aurora", and Gale 88.


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