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opening - Keith Miller, Mixael Rudloff

Mixael Rudloff

March 3, 2024

by Keith Miller

A character with some sort of mechanized nose stares implacably through a fog of color, surrounded and gently constrained by geometric forms. The young Mexican painter, Mixael Rudloff speaks of his compulsion to intertwine themes of nature with his observations on today's emerging, sometimes frightening technologies. This confrontation may be exciting, but trouble is brewing.

Strange juxtapositions also occur; a wounded man lies against the backdrop of an actual page of a Shakespearean comedy. An air of anxiety lurks beneath the surface of his work; clearly Rudloff grasps something fundamental about our times.

Keith Miller also focuses on the human figure, but for him, there is no confrontation with the challenges of modern technology. His "figures" are mortals confounded by the eternal conflicts with forces expressed through the gods and through human nature itself. His watercolors represent a kind of meditation on the Myths of the ancient Greeks.

Keith Miller

A few of the paintings are a reminder that the folks of 2000 years ago with their glorious but short lives also had plenty to worry about.

Rudloff's oils will show alongside mine in a show upcoming this month. My exhibited work will be travel "sketches" done last fall on a trip to Greece.

More information on the show will appear soon in these pages.


Keith Miller was born in Canada, but has spent most of his life abroad. At first travelling and working in Europe and S.E. Asia in the 1970's and 80's, he later settled in Mexico.

From the Gulf of Siam to the urban wilds of Manhattan his work explores a broad range of subjects reflecting a life of travel and observation. He recently crewed on a square-rigged sailing ship which crossed the Indian Ocean; recording the experience in another of his travel sketchbooks .

He has exhibited in in his native Canada as well as in the U.S., Mexico and the U.K. His paintings can be found in the collections of the United States Dept. of State and in a number of museums as well as private and corporate collections.

He's lived for the last 35 years in San Miguel de Allende where he now shares his home with a sometimes-faithful Schnauzer/Poodle mix.


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