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Inhabiting Time, Elvia Samaniego
opening - Friday March 15, 5-8pm

March 17, 2024

by Elvia Samaniego

"Inhabiting Time" is a reflection on how we experience time in everyday life: trying to use every instant at all costs; losing hours on the infinite clock, where there is never enough time to do everything we long to do. The exhibition raises a prayer for the things that should be enjoyed, even at the cost of unproductivity and lack of progress. Dreams are corners of silence and stillness.

Our most significant moments are perceived as elements and energy, like a campfire in the middle of the night, the solitary light that illuminates, a glance, or the water caressing the skin, throwing us into introspection in times set free. Stopping is a privilege. Taking a breath just at the least opportune moment, that instant disconnected from reality, opens the mental landscapes in which you recognize your face, the beauty of your hands, the real color of your eyes. Silence in stillness invites ideas, a dialogue with yourself. You find the most faithful narration to your story.

In these paintings I try to model this act of meditating with the elements, the water, the light, the air, and to recreate the process prior to the contemplation of the self by the self. Life looking at itself.


Inhabiting Time, Elvia Samaniego
opening - Friday March 15, 5-8pm
Galeria Blue Moon, Stirling Dickinson 7
through March 30


Elvia Samaniego experiments with different techniques and frames /explores the responses to disturbing themes such as the origin of imagination, human exodus, gender introspection and its confrontation with reality.

She studied architecture and worked in museums of the INAH and INBA circuit. As of 2019, she opted for painting and photography as a means of expression.

She has exhibited her work in galleries and institutes in Cuba, Mexico, the United States, Germany and Spain. Her work was selected for FIGURATIVAS 2021 Painting and Sculpture Contest of the MEAM - Museu Europeu d'Art Modern de Barcelona. Also, she was a finalist in the III Biennial of the Lumen Painting Open 2022. She currently exhibits her work in Monterrey, Ciudad Juárez and San Miguel de Allende where she resides.


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