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Maureen Morris and Kathleen Cammarata
opening - Sunday, Jan. 14

January 7, 2024

by Kathleen Cammarata

An anomaly deviates from what is normal and expected. It is not easily classified. In art an anomaly refers to an element or a relationship that differs from the other dominating features of the painting or sculpture. Maureen Morris and Kathleen Cammarata are addressing this difference in an exhibition that plays off each other's work.

Morris is a ceramic artist living and working in San Miguel for seventeen years. She works in a studio with other ceramicists sharing ideas and inspirations as well as formulas and techniques. Her sculptures are made with paper clay or other clays that are very thin but strong. She fires in gas and electric kilns as well as pit firing, raku & naked raku techniques and creates some of her own glazes.

Morris explores her medium by creating unique geometric & organic ceramic forms (cacti, insects, sea anemones & functional art) influenced by her environment. Her concoctions are sometimes organic vessels with strange appendages. The configuration of these biological growths appear leaf or petal shaped, but the final piece is a quirky twist on nature. One will not see a plant here. She works with glazes vividly colorful, naturally smoked, metallic or gunmetal gray that sprout into a colony of forms. Bowls these are not.

Cammarata is a painter and draftsman. Her paintings address a whirlwind of the world in flux. In a numbered series of drawings titled "Experiments" coexists three elements: the scientific container, the plant, and the animal part. In "Experiment #3" a beaker is pouring fire into a vessel engraved with tree limbs while a sea creature lurks in the background. In another series titled "Affinity Suite" strange land forms and cosmic forces attract and repel. Landscapes these are not.


Anomalies - opening
Sunday January 14, 1-4pm
Alameda 6, Colonia San Antonio


Kathleen Cammarata has been a professional artist for 40 years. She has exhibited her work in over 25 solo shows.She has taught in two museums and a university as well as in her studio. Her work is in both private and corporate collections.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2011 New England Biolabs, Ipswich MA
2010 Hampden Gallery, UMass Amherst, MA
2009 AVA Gallery, Lebanon NH
Regis College, Weston MA
2007 Gallery Anthony Curtis, Boston
2006 Art Advisory LLC, Boston
2005 Copley Society of Art, Boston
Boston Printmakers Biennial, Boston
2004 UMass Lowell, Lowell MA
2003 MIT Dean’s Gallery, Cambridge MA
2002 Copley Society of Art, Boston

Selected Juried Exhibitions:
2011 Chain Letter Show, Samson Projects, Boston
Faculty show, DeCordova Museum, Lincoln MA
2010 thINK, Boston Printmakers @ Huntsville Museum, AL ; Buena Vista
University, IA
2009 National Drawing Show (First Prize) South Shore Art Center, Cohasset MA
2008 Northeast Prize Show, Cambridge MA
2006 On the Waterfront (Patron’s Choice Award) Copley Society of Art, Boston
2004 Print Show, Villa Pignano, Italy
2003 Printmakers Show, Copley society of Art, Boston
Blackstone Print show, Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville MA
2002 Figurative show (Second Prize) South Shore Art Center, Cohasset MA
Collage Show, Spring Show, and Fall Show, Copley Society of Art, Boston


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