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Awaken Your Inner Dragon, Judith Jenya
talk -Camino Silvestre Salon
Saturday, April 13, 4-5pm

April 7, 2024

by Judith Jenya

This is the Year of the Dragon in Chinese astrology. This the perfect time to uncover the dragon energies within you. You can lift up your life with these dragon qualities regardless of the year you were born.

In the Chinese view, Dragons are not the fearsome creatures of European folklore. In China, dragons represent courage, tenacity and intelligence. Dragons are not afraid of challenges and are willing to take risks. They are also loving and generous.

I have called on dragon energy to move from vision to practical action. And in so-doing, I opened the door to a larger and better life for others and myself.

What might this look like?

During in the war in Bosnia I flew into besieged Sarajevo on a UNHCR flight. Then, the airport was bombed and no more flights could come in or leave. When it was time for me to leave the city the only way out was by truck on roads that were treacherous - narrow, twisting, and heavily mined.

Eventually I was offered a ride with a US naval officer who was about to attempt this passage. The officer would not talk to me or answer any of my questions. He explained that he only gave out information on a "Need-to-Know" basis. Obviously, in his eyes, I didn't need to know anything. On the trip we were in the mountains when suddenly the traffic came to a halt. We were in a line of stopped vehicles and nobody was moving.

I got out of the truck and up ahead the road was covered in containers of food. Both lanes were blocked. Men in uniforms of various armies and police forces were surveying what had happened. A truck carrying food had crashed, spilled its cargo and ended up in a steep ravine below. All these official men were staring at the scene and at each other. Nobody was doing anything.

I had a plane to catch in Zagreb and I needed to get there. I asked my driver why nobody was doing anything to clear the road. He explained that since no one was in charge everyone was afraid to act without authorization.

I was frustrated. I breathed in some of my dragon energy, waded into the mess and started moving broken crates, boxes and food stuff off to the side of the road.

After a while somebody in the crowd joined me. Then a few more started clearing the road so the traffic jam could move. It took about 45 minutes to clear a single lane that allowed the traffic jam to move ahead. We got under way again. I even made my flight.

The evening paper reported that a deadly accident happened on the only passable road out of Bosnia. And an unnamed American woman cleared the road of the wreckage and allowed the cars and trucks to proceed. Of course, I was only the one who took the first step. The effort would never have happened if it were up to just me.

In my presentation Saturday at Camino Silvestre I will share more of my stories, read a few passages from my book and suggest how you too can engage with your inner dragon.

A common image in Chinese art and folklore is a dragon holding a great pearl in its jaws. The pearl symbolizes wisdom and spiritual energy and good fortune.

Many of us have the feeling that we should be making a difference in the world. But where do you begin? The world often seems too big, too dangerous, too overwhelming. Have you ever thought, "I'm just one person. What can I do?"

These are difficult times. Perhaps you think that "a vision" is a luxury in which we cannot afford to indulge. But I affirm that this is the time we most need a greater vision that can pull us forward.

A part of the answer to "what can I do?" is to welcome a vision. A vision is a unique gift that only you can bring to fruition. It's like a seed that with proper attention, can flourish. Your vision can also draw in others who are attracted to what you are doing and who will want to join their efforts to your own. In my talk I'll show you that you can make a difference and grow a vision into a reality.

In 1993, I first had a vision for healing and supporting children caught in the midst of a war engulfing Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia. My vision grew from a meager beginning into a program that eventually touched the lives of over 1,600 children in the Balkans, Northern Ireland, Los Angeles and other places where violence crashed in on the lives of children. I know that such miracles are possible.

People born as Dragons have some distinct qualities that make them effective. And non-dragons have dragonish qualities within them.

Dragon characteristics include vibrancy and energy, creativity, a sense of justice and a passion to set wrong things right. Dragon people are not easily discouraged when faced with obstacles. They are typically ambitious and creative.

San Miguel abounds with people who possess dragon energy, even if they are not aware of it. I encourage you to imagine where your visions will take you.


Awaken Your Inner Dragon, Judith Jenya
Camino Silvestre Salon, Correo 43
Saturday, April 13, 4-5pm


Judith Jenya has earned numerous US and International awards and recognition including being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize highlighting her achievements as a humanitarian and peace activist. Through her commitment to the well-being and safety of children. She has worked in Hawaii, California, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Jordan, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosova, N. Ireland, and Ukraine.

She founded and directed Global Children's Organization which brought together children from all sides of armed conflicts. She developed and taught peacemaking and non-violent conflict resolution skills that are in use throughout the world.

Worked as an attorney and mediator in Honolulu, and taught at the East-West Center and The Graduate School of Social Work, UH. She practiced as a psychotherapist and art therapist and was an art teacher.

Artist and writer Painter and photographer with solo exhibitions in Mexico, California, Hawaii, Bosnia. Bi-lingual book of poetry, Aromas de dos Pueblos. Memoir, Memories do not Burn Her articles and short stories have appeared in anthologies and magazines.

She is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and volunteers with children's organizations in San Miguel Allende where she now lives.

Harvard University, MAT Fine Arts Univ. of California, Berkeley, BA,MSW Richardson School of Law, Univ. of Hawaii, JD


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