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Metamorphosis Series

May 14, 2023

Life is in constant change. The changes may come as a completely new way of thinking about our relations with others or through travels which flood us with new experiences. We may confront hostile life landscapes which require us to muster our strengths to regain our balance and to reach peace and happiness.

I enjoy experimenting with various mediums about "invisible" subjects, things which are real but can't be seen. I also love to investigate the changes we all experience with the passage of time and how we change with this new reality as the days go by.

These drawings make up the Metamorphosis series. They capture the movement of life by means of joyous and free expression of the body as time goes by. The colors change as do emotions and movements transforming themselves into different tones that express the energy that moves us.


Galería Blue Moon
Galería Izamal



Colored pencil drawings
Canson MI-Teintes paper
(acid free and alkaline reserve)
20 x 25.5 in each

$2,500 pesos each
includes: signed original drawing, certificate of authenticity and
shipping to interior country.


Artist Profile

(MEXICO-USA). Elvia Samaniego studied architecture and worked in museums of the INAH and INBA circuit for infrastructure and heritage conservation projects. As of 2017, she opted for painting as a means of expression. She has participated exhibiting her work in galleries and institutes in Cuba, Mexico, the United States, Germany and Spain. She obtained a special mention at the II Symposium of Art and Architecture in Havana, Cuba. In 2018 she participated in the collective exhibition Tür Nach Mexiko in Esslingen, Germany. One of her paintings was selected for the FIGURATIVES 2021 Painting and Sculpture Contest of the MEAM - Museu Europeu d ́Art Modern de Barcelona, Spain. In 2022, she presented her work at the Corpus-Mundos Internos group show at the Consulate General of Mexico in El Paso, TX, USA. She also participated in the Banner Art Project exhibiting her work in San Diego, CA and at the IMAC in Tijuana. She was a finalist in the III Biennial of the Lumen Painting Open 2022. She currently produces and exhibits her work in San Miguel de Allende where she lives.


Elvia Samaniego: "In my work I capture the gaze as inspiration and with precise elements of the images I seek to find the expression of the face, the essence of materiality in everyday objects and the passion for colors. I experiment with different techniques and framing, exploring the answers to disturbing themes such as the origin of the imagination, the human exodus, the introspection of gender and its confrontation with reality. For me, we are the ones who see us. My work is a witness."


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