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Son Jarocho Celebration
Suena el Fandango

Concert, Tues, Jan 17
Jan. 15, 2023

The history of son jarocho dates back to the seventeenth century, it is a musical genre that combines Spanish, Jewish, Arab and African gypsy elements. These influences and elements mixed with the native ones, gave rise to this unique traditional Mexican folkloric expression.

The most common instruments in the Son are the Jaranas, which are a direct baroque guitar descendant, The Leona; bass, Requinto; the riff, and various percussion instruments like the Tarima; a wooden platform for the tap dancing, the Guiro, the Pandero and the Donkey Jaw.

The fandangos are the celebrations where the Son is executed around a wooden platform so that the participants can tap dance and accompany playing with percussive instruments, singing and reciting verses, It mainly takes place in communities in the countryside, patron saint festivities, or various celebrations such as births, weddings, or funerals. The fandango also gathers culinary skills. This festivity usually lasts all night and even days, where everyone plays, sings and dances these centennial sounds.


Soledad, a San Miguel traditional Son Jarocho music group, invites you to a concert and the allegorical recreation of a fandango, this Tuesday, January 17, 2023, at 7pm. at the San Miguel Playhouse, Av. Independencia # 82. In addition to listening to this great group, you will try some of their traditional food and drink and feel firsthand the joy of this unique and special musical genre.

Tickets are available at El Sindicato, Centro Cultural Comunitario, Calle Recreo 4 and at the Playhouse the night of the performance.
More info at Tel 415 151 0708 and 415 114 0535
Social media/Music: Facebook: soledad_son_sma Instagram: Soledad Son Jarocho


Tuesday, January 17, 7pm
SM Playhouse, Independencia 82


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