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Freedom's Cost

Jan. 22, 2023

by Dr. David Fialk, Editor / Publisher

My father often made disrespectful comments. He was expert in zeroing in on faults, critiquing. I wouldn't say that he enjoyed it. His poking holes in the conventional veneer was more of a sad duty. A unique individual himself, he despised the inauthentic. His comments were usually uttered in a soft voice, to those of us in his immediate company. But, if the outrage warranted it, he wasn't shy about piping up.

Dad saw through the hypocrisy of things. If you didn't cut it out, he would. A master of sarcasm and irony, his knife was so sharp, that, as with a razor, often you didn't feel its slicing action. You didn't get the point right away, realizing only a few moments later, when you felt your shirt growing wet and saw it reddening, that you'd been cut.

Dad and I regularly watched the CBS Evening News together. Back in the day, there was a spot about a visit President Reagan was to make to an elementary school. The kids weren't going to get to speak with him, but the reporter asked the class, "If you could tell President Reagan one thing, what would it be?" Without a quarter of a second's pause, my father answered, "Slit your throat."

Unless you follow independent media, you may not know it, but the government's Covid narrative has already unraveled. The Atlantic magazine is already asking for an "amnesty" for those who got lockdowns and vaccine effectiveness so wrong, with such dire consequences.

You also may not know, but under the guise of suppressing "disinformation", government agencies (FBI), quite unconstitutionally, directed social media (Twitter) to censor opinions, even very prestigious opinions, that ran counter to their official narrative. Much of this suppressed "misinformation" was actually correct, quite valuably so.

Science is never a monolithic consensus. There are always facts that don't fit into the dominant scientific theory. Science doesn't walk as much as it jumps. When these dissenting facts achieve a critical mass, and when enough prominent scientists invested in the dominant theory die, a "scientific revolution" occurs, enshrining a new scientific theory.

Free speech is messy, but "the marketplace of ideas" works. Peter Thiel (PayPal's founder and Facebook's first investor, buying 10% of that company for $500,000) said that he would rather have 1000 Q-Anon's spreading their disinformation than one government Ministry of Truth. Note to Social Justice Warriors: If you find yourself on the side of the CIA and FBI, then you are not a revolutionary.

The generation that first demanded the university be a "safe space", now occupies the corporate and governmental halls of power. The Woke want society as a whole to be a safe space, gleefully applying technocratic, authoritarian control to forge their "nanny state". We need look no farther than China to see how that works out.

Journalism's chief role is holding the powerful to account. If the press doesn't speak truth to power, then the republic is lost. In science, paying attention to the facts that don't fit into the current theory leads to the next, more perfect theory. In politics, paying attention to the facts that don't fit into the official narrative leads to more perfect government.

The same principle is at work in our personal psychology. The dis-ease of the disease calls our attention to something we are overlooking, something that does not fit into our "official narrative", our current theory of ourself. Therapeutically, paying heed to the "rare, strange and peculiar" always leads to that which has been, at great cost, suppressed. Personally coming to terms with our repressed information leads us to cure, to a more perfect self.

Of course, all this looking behind the curtain, taking incongruous, odd-ball facts into account, takes a lot of energy. A lot of people can't be bothered. But, the son of my father, I have no choice in the matter.

"The price of liberty is eternal vigilance."


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