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Visionaries, Six Women Artists
Ana Thiel, Debra Thompson, Glen Rogers, Kate Hunt, Martha E. López, Wendy Moyer

Opening - Fri, March 3

Glen Rogers
Feb. 26, 2023

by Tania Noriz

As part of the celebration for the International Women’s Day, Casa Europa presents "Visionaries", its next art exhibit from March 3 to April 2. "Visionaries" is a group of outstanding women, integrated by Ana Thiel, Debra Thompson, Glen Rogers, Kate Hunt, Martha E. López and Wendy Moyer, who through their art expose and reflect their points of view on changes, light, loss, bodily experience, symbology and the power of women.

"In 'What Remains', I explore the idea of sharing objects, documents, wearable items and memories that someone close can leave behind when s/he passes on. To shred papers, letters and records resulted in colorful and interesting squiggles. To burn photographs and archives left a wake of ashes in subtle tones. Certain clothes acquired presence simply by having been used and enjoyed by that person. The idea expands to consider that in nature as well as our human environment fragments and forms are left behind. They performed their function and now leave traces: shells, leaves, wires, clock parts, broken glass, and more. These may now form part of a new harmony," explains Thiel.

Ana Thiel

Thompson presents 'Attachments', a series in cold wax that lends itself to the incorporation of different materials: "it is based on the narrative of changes from soft to hard, from soft to rough, from straight to darkened lines. The materials or objects immerse you in the colors used in silence to discover the details of the wax".

Debra Thompson

From Rogers we can enjoy 'Her Story' (of women), a revisionist story related to matriarchal cultures and the three phases of a woman: young, mother, and old, "all painted with a defined feminist agenda."

Hunt, who has recently moved to San Miguel permanently, shows in her work a personal conversation with the concept, materials and the world around her; At the end, when her pieces are exhibited, she detaches herself from them so that her conversation becomes the viewer’s own. "I use newspapers as a construction material for my sculptures; people have a connection to them… Plus, I love the connotations of the American flag made out of newspapers."

Kate Hunt

Another "visionary", López, is the creator of her own ceramic workshop "La Cruz", and participates with a sample that she has taken to different parts of Mexico and the world, being recognized with second place in the State Prize for Artisanal Creativity, Dolores Hidalgo, Gto., in 2000; and with the third place, in the category: unique piece in the Utilitarian Ceramics Biennial, by the Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City in 2003.

Martha E. López

Lastly, Moyer represents in her work her place of encounter and conflict with breast cancer from the bodily experience and gender stereotypes, questioning beauty, sensuality and femininity through pain, mutilation and the reconfiguration of identity. Her works in this series represent both the raptured friends and her own story of survival.

Wendy Moyer

The exhibit continues at until April 2, Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm.


Visionaries, Collective Exhibit - opening
Ana Thiel, Debra Thompson, Glen Rogers
Kate Hunt, Martha E. López, Wendy Moyer
Casa Europa, San Francisco 23
Friday, March 3, 5-7pm


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