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Happy Ending / Beginning


by Mary Norquist

Dear Dr. David,

I wrote to you a week or so ago asking for contact information for Andy Thomas who had some of his drawings posted on Lokkal.

I thought you might like to know the story behind my inquiry.

Forty years ago my boyfriend and I were in New Orleans on a short vacation. We stayed in the French Quarter and while walking around came across some artists near Jackson Square and the Jax Brewery, who were selling their wares.

I purchased a colored pencil drawing of a face, took it home, had it framed and have had it with me through many moves over the last 40 years. The signature was hard to read so even after the internet came to be I could not find the artist. I was always curious about his/her future work.



When I saw Andy Thomas' drawings on Lokkal's community wall, I could see a resemblance in the style. I compared the signatures and BINGO it matched the signature on my 40 year old piece. That's when I contacted you.

I wrote to Andy, got together and I bought another of his drawings. We have become friends and I am so happy to have, at long last, found the elusive artist.

Mary Norquist
Lived in SMA for 12 years



Editor's note-

Lokkal is San Miguel's social network, a community platform, like Facebook, but just for San Miguel.

  • constructing community
  • strengthening the local economy
  • of, by and for the city


See Andy Thomas' Lokkal page here or click the search icon (magnifying glass) and type "andy".

See our Wall a little farther down this page.



Mary Norquist [a little bit about you here]



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