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MyStudio Art Walk: preview 2
Alifie Rojas / Barry Weiss / Béa Aaronson

Sat. Sun. July 16, 17


Alifie Rojas

I have worked for research, pharmaceutical and parasitology laboratories, as well as for publications and on theses in Mexico and abroad. Working with scientific instruments and with living or fixed organisms is as important and interesting to me as pigments and paper. And now strongly motivated by the rescue of the balance of nature, I embrace and reinforce my work in spreading the ecological message.

- Alife Rojas

He trabajado para laboratorios de investigación, farmacéutica y parasitología, así como para publicaciones y tesis en México y el extranjero. El trabajo con el instrumental científico y con los organismos vivos o fijados es para mí tan importante e interesante como lo son los pigmentos y los papeles. Y ahora fuertemente motivada por el rescate del equilibrio de la naturaleza, abrazo y refuerzo mi quehacer en la divulgación del mensaje ecológico.

- Alifie Rojas


Barry Weiss

I am photographer, potter, and musician who has lived in San Miguel for 12 years. My photography interests include street photography, landscapes, nature, and historical structures, composites, and photo encaustic and manipulation. My work can be found at


Béa Aaronson


MyStudio / Mi Estudio

Saturday and Sunday, July 16 and 17 the artists of Colonia San Antonio will open their studios, houses and galleries to the public, from 11am-5pm each day.

On display will be a wide variety of works, an eclectic art exhibition, including:
painting (abstract and figurative, in all formats and techniques)
sculptures (in clay, stone, metal, ceramics, jewelry in various metals, designs and shapes)
photography (ranging from traditional to digital manipulation)
textiles and more

This great explosion of art will all be presented under the auspices of MyStudio, Artwalk of Colonia San Antonio. Close to 60 artists will participate, old pros and some students from the Instituto Allende, which is organizing the event. Maps with the location of the different participating studios will be available.

Colonia San Antonio, one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Miguel de Allende, began to develop at the beginning of the 20th century. Currently it is an area populated by traditional Mexican families, as well as by a large number of artists, national and foreign, who already consider it their home.

The idea for MyStudio came about in 2013, following the San Antonio Open Studio Art Walk, a smaller event spearheaded by visual artists, first by Shannon Reece and then by Jane Dill and Kathleen Cammarata. Later it was transformed fellow artist Peter A. Davis into MyStudio. Currently, the organization is lead by Zara Fernandez, Director of Operations of Instituto Allende, wiht the continued assistance of Peter A. Davis.

The Instituto Allende was founded in 1950. Seventy-two years later it is still an art and Spanish school, offering the Bachelor of Visual Arts (in conjungtion with the University of Guanajuato), as well as a variety of art workshops, Spanish programs, conferences and seminars for the general public. The Instituto Allende is affiliated with the United States Department of War Veterans through the GI Bill/Post 911 program.


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