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Al Tirado / Lauren Osornio / Honore Kaplan

Sat. Sun. July 16, 17


Al Tirado

Since my early youth, I wanted to be a writer. However, I became a photographer and documentary filmmaker.

Wandering and wandering almost all my life, when I returned to Mexico I felt that I had reached the stage of writing. I found calm and adequate space in San Miguel de Allende. From 2008 to date, I have published five novels and two short story books, two books about SMA artists and a photography book.

My passion for photography never waned. I have spent a lot of time searching for form and content in images. I searched for the middle ground between the moving image of film and video and the static of photography. I found that my images could show movement in their content.

In my artistic attempts, I am completely self-taught. Many hours "of flight" have taught me what little I know. The same has happened with sculpture, I have put my hands in the mud and have recreated my figures, mostly intended to be realistic, although I have occasionally tried abstract forms.

I have lived in San Miguel de Allende for the last 15 years. It has been the source of the inspiration that has made possible what I have achieved with my work.

Al Tirado

Creo que desde mi temprana juventud yo quería ser escritor. Sin embargo me hice fotógrafo y cine-documentalista.

Después de haber andado vagando y divagando casi toda la vida, al regresar a México sentí que había llegado a la etapa de escribir. Encontré la calma y el espacio adecuado en San Miguel de Allende. He publicado cinco novelas y dos libros de cuento corto, dos libros sobre artistas de SMA y un libro de fotografía, desde el año 2008 a la fecha.

Mi pasión por la fotografía nunca disminuyó y le dediqué mucho tiempo a buscar la forma y el contenido en las imágenes. Busqué el punto intermedio entre la imagen en movimiento del cine y el video y la estática de la fotografía y encontré que mis imágenes podían mostrar el movimiento en su contenido
En mis intento artísticos soy completamente autodidacta, la muchas horas “de vuelo” me han enseñado lo poco que pueda saber. Lo mismo ha pasado con la escultura, he metido las manos en el barro y he recreado mis figuras que en su mayoría pretenden ser realistas, aunque he intentado en ocasiones, las formas abstractas.

He vivido en San Miguel de Allende los últimos 15 años, y he sentido que ha ido la fuente de inspiración que ha hecho posible lo que he logrado con mis trabajos.

Al Tirdado


Lauren Osornio

I retired to San Miguel in 2010 and am so happy to be living here where I can do my textile art work. I work with fabric scraps of many colors and tulle. I make tote bags, purses, card wallets, bookmarks, eyeglass cases, and recently I have been making face masks. My face masks are lined with a bonded filter, so no virus can get through the fabric. They are washable and comfortable.


Honore Kaplan

I was born and educated in Connecticut. I have been drawing and painting all my life. My work is in collections in the US and Mexico. I take images from past and present, alter character and environment and aim to make them relative to the viewer. My figures exist in lush other-worldly landscapes, as well as in the merest hint of place. The viewer is invited to experience that mood, one open to interpretation.


MyStudio / Mi Estudio

Saturday and Sunday, July 16 and 17 the artists of Colonia San Antonio will open their studios, houses and galleries to the public, from 11am-5pm each day.

On display will be a wide variety of works, an eclectic art exhibition, including:
painting (abstract and figurative, in all formats and techniques)
sculptures (in clay, stone, metal, ceramics, jewelry in various metals, designs and shapes)
photography (ranging from traditional to digital manipulation)
textiles and more

This great explosion of art will all be presented under the auspices of MyStudio, Artwalk of Colonia San Antonio. Close to 60 artists will participate, old pros and some students from the Instituto Allende, which is organizing the event. Maps with the location of the different participating studios will be available.

Colonia San Antonio, one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Miguel de Allende, began to develop at the beginning of the 20th century. Currently it is an area populated by traditional Mexican families, as well as by a large number of artists, national and foreign, who already consider it their home.

The idea for MyStudio came about in 2013, following the San Antonio Open Studio Art Walk, a smaller event spearheaded by visual artists, first by Shannon Reece and then by Jane Dill and Kathleen Cammarata. Later it was transformed fellow artist Peter A. Davis into MyStudio. Currently, the organization is lead by Zara Fernandez, Director of Operations of Instituto Allende, wiht the continued assistance of Peter A. Davis.

The Instituto Allende was founded in 1950. Seventy-two years later it is still an art and Spanish school, offering the Bachelor of Visual Arts (in conjungtion with the University of Guanajuato), as well as a variety of art workshops, Spanish programs, conferences and seminars for the general public. The Instituto Allende is affiliated with the United States Department of War Veterans through the GI Bill/Post 911 program.


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