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Halcyon Days: Falling Down

Dec. 25, 2022

by Eva Hunter

In the morning on Sundays, it is quiet here in my San Antonio barrio on a rugged rocky street.

The daytime noise of mufflerless trucks shifting into low gear as they creep up the caracol ceases until afternoon. My morning chores are simple: take a shower, climb the stairs to the upper garden to water, and place a catalogue order for a red dress.

Next week will be busy. I'll have lunch with different friends on Tuesday and Wednesday; meet with a client later this week. and have my books available at a Biblioteca book fair on Friday. I will attend holiday fairs where everything is hand-made--no exceptions.

I have some issues to overcome, but I am happy. The biggest one is this: I fall down when trying to walk in the city. Last time, over a week ago, I was dressed in vintage salmon pink with a matching scarf around my neck. As I fell, I must have looked like pink fluff blowing down the street. A woman and her son ran up to help me, as always happens in beautiful Mexico. But the fall injured me more than others. I have a black eye that is still spreading, and my neck, shoulders, and spine are painful.

And so.

I have a tall Christmas tree, and some small accents here and there in the sala. I have a tin Christmas tree with spaces for candles, but this year I wrap it in thyme, rosemary, lavender, and the buds of red and pink roses.

I think of you all this Holiday season.


Eva Hunter's writing has been published internationally. She has written extensively for magazines and newspapers in the United States. Her books, written in Mexico are:

The Lord of the Dolls: Voyage in Xochimilco
- a literary nonfiction collaboration with photographer Joe Brenzo

Sol: English Writing in Mexico
- a compendium of six years of the online literary magazine

The Council of Women: Atonement in San Miguel
- a novella

A Little Mormon Girl
- a memoir


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