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He Killed a Kidnapper and Now He's in Jail

Ramón Merino, 66, killed a subject who, accompanied by other alleged criminals, tried to kidnap one of his children, in the town of Tecamalucan, Acultzingo.

Ramón, realizing the risk, took an old rifle, sharpened his aim, and lowered one of the aggressors. The others, noticing the old man's courage, fled.

They did not expect a man to stand up to them. They thought, perhaps, that they were going to be receive with hugs, but not with bullets. They never took into account Don Ramón's courage and aim in defending his family from him.

Now, the hero has a problem. For having killed in self-defense, he is in jail, and the town of Acultzingo is rioting, with checkpoints and blockades, asking for him to be released.


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