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Lord of the Conquest Dancers

by Jon Welsh, photos and text

Raven and Skull

Feathered Earring in Motion

Serious Young Dancer

Cross Bearer

A Brief Pause in the Sun

Pensive Movement

Feathers in Motion
I was using long exposures and panning with the dancers,
attempting to capture both the motion and the faces...
and was partcularly pleased with this result.

Honoring Kayumahli
I am making the assumption (dangerous, I know)
that the raiment of this gentleman honors Kayumahli,
the Huichol spiritual guide of shamans.


Serious Observation

The Hat
Cooling off for a moment in the shade after dancing in the intense heat of the sun.
The hat was doffed, to be used as a fan, literally one second after this photo was taken.

Abundant Skulls
I was convinced that this gentleman's scalp was tattooed when I took the photo.
Only later did I realize the truth.

Young Happy Dancer

Colorful Elegance

Immersed in the Music

Are We There Yet, Papa?

Ominous Anonymous
Costumed entirely in black—which must have been enormously hot in the sun—
this gentleman was wisely posing with his admirers rather than dancing.

Beautiful Accomplice
This lovely smiling lass was enticing passersby to pose
(and, for a fee, have their photos taken)
with Ominous Anonymous (above).
And quite successfully, I might add!!

Photogenic Smile


Jon Welsh, since early in life, has been fascinated by photographing the play of natural light on textures. Here in San Miguel, immersed in overwhelming depths and subtleties of color, he is at home.

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