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My Studio / Mi Estudio Pops Up
Thursday, Friday, October 28, 29

by Dr David,Editor / Publisher

MyStudio / MiEstudio, is an annual art walk that celebrates the rich tradition of art present in Colonia San Antonio. San Antonio, one of San Miguel's oldest colonias is diverse and inclusive, where traditional Mexicans live side by side local, national and international artists. San Antonio (along with Colonia Guadalupe across town), with its new murals toured by Fat Bastards Art Walks, has come to be the focus of San Miguel art scene.

The roots of MyStudio / MiEstudio go back to a smaller event headed by Shannon Reece in 2013. This evolved into the San Antonio Open Studios headed by Jane Dill and Kathleen Cammarata, which subsequently transformed into MyStudio/MiEstudio headed by Peter A Davis.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, MyStudio / MiEstudio did not come to pass last February, in its usual time slot. However, so as not to lose momentum and to celebrate the artists of San Antonio, a collective pop up version will be held Thursday and Friday, October 28 and 29 at the Instituto Allende.

At the helm this year is Zara Fernandez, M.B., Director of Operations of the Institute Allende. Zara is assisted in this by Meryl Truett and Peter A Davis.

Each year MyStudio / MiEstudio sponsors an outreach program for 5 emerging artists who do not yet have a studio or other private space to participate in the art walk, providing them with space at the Instituto Allende to display their art work and to network.

Since its founding in 1950, the Instituto Allende's art school has done a lot to foster the art scene in town, putting San Miguel on the tourism map. The Instituto Allende has taught and/or hosted 1000s of national and international artists over the decades. So, it seems very appropriate that the Instituto Allende continues its mission of promoting the arts by hosting MyStudio / MiEstudio Pop Up.

The pandemic has been hard on us all. One silver lining is that this year, this month, we will experience a different type of MyStudio / MiEstudio, one that will have San Antonio's artistry represented all together in one place. And the full art walk returns in February 2022.


MyStudio / Mi Estudio Pop Up
Instituto Allende, Ancha San Antonio 22
Thursday, Friday, October 28, 29 12-6pm


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