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Women in Art
Opening, Saturday, August 7, 5-8pm
Calderoni, Fabrica la Aurora

Divine magnificence is the vast nature and perfection of a human being.

Hence, our existence as creation and creators.

The fact of being illusions and being truths.

Hence, the power to pass from rays of resplendent light to desperate cries of immense joy and great pain.

Being the result of our deepest feelings and emotions that are translated today in a combination of images, shapes, textures and colors.

May this expression of our souls become a reason for alliance, so that the union of our voices project the strength of our spirit to the world.

Women in Art

by Maru Vázquez, Women in Art Chairman

In March 2007 in collaboration with the International Women Forum and under the sponsorship of TELMEX, I developed this project with the purpose of supporting and promoting women's art in different forums and states of our country.

The truth is that, being an artist, one knows perfectly the sacrifice, the commitment and the details that have to be transited to achieve a place within art and even more, to an important position within the Mexican art world. For this reason I gave myself the task of bringing together the most outstanding representatives of plastic, graphic and visual art, to show their talent.

This project began 17 years ago and has to its credit seven great exhibitions in forums such as the National Auditorium, the TELMEX Auditorium of Guadalajara and the Monterrey Arena. Also with 10 exhibitions and two auctions in different venues of Mexico City, among which we can mention the Camino Real Hotel, the Terrace of Plaza Carso, the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the Geneve Hotel. More than 80 career and emerging artists have shown their work in these forums.

It is worth mentioning that the shows were visited by more than 54 thousand people and a percentage of the sales supported Foundations such as "Women supporting Women", MGAS Foundation and "Semillas".

Today for the first time this project is presented in San Miguel de Allende from August 7th till September, in the Calderoni Gallery at Fábrica La Aurora. We managed to gather the work of 14 Mexican and American artists based in San Miguel de Allende, Querétaro and Mexico City.

Art objects, sculpture, photography, collage and painting, within the abstract current, are the different disciplines that cover this exhibition made up of: Merry Calderoni, Ana Thiel, Rocío Beltrán, Gigi Mizrahi, Andrea Simancas, Andrea Noli, Ana Rivera, Denise Mcfarlane, Mari Jose Alonso, Elsa de la Garza, Karen Arch, Gabriela Epstein, Alejandra Pous and Maru Vázquez.

We hope that this project can be replicated next year, and that other venues and artists will join, to continue making San Miguel a place where art in all its expressions is promoted and developed.



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