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An International Incident
Terrorism in SMA

Portland, Oregon

by Dr David, Editor / Publisher

A disturbing incident happened last Tuesday here in San Miguel, that, whether you know it or not, has affected the whole expat community.

The expat woman who provoked the affair proudly reported her version of what happened on Civil List ("to and from Centro today...."). I have changed the woman's name:

So, Listeros, I did an experiment today.
As I understand it, it is a law that we have to wear masks. when in public .. (cobrabocas) in GTO?

My uber diver: I had to argue with him to PUT HIS MASK ON. He said it was HOT.... but I insisted. IT IS THE LAW, but he insisted that the law was totally political and did not believe that the virus was real,, but he did eventually put on a mask...,,,

Then walking back down Canal street, to San Rafael, I decided to try an an experiment....

BTW" I tested negative for the virus 10 days ago, and feel fine.

So, when I walked by peeps that were in a group, adults, no kids, that had no masks, I pulled mine done below my nose and COUGHED in that persons direction.and were in groups, ...

The responses VARIED from OMG and they put their masks up, but at one point some GUY came after me, grabbed me by the my arm and told me that I should not do that. I ignored that guy. It was interesting...
I have two positives , that I know of, on my hood. Thankfully , no one is seriously sick.. They are now believers, but only after the positive tests. It is interesting,,,
Before that, they insisted that is was nothing, maybe the flu etc....iincluding someone that works at the Red rCross.
Just sharing my experience this afternoon


One of the persons A.A. engaged with there on Calle Canal remembers his encounter with A.A. differently. He remembers being coughed on, not coughed at.

A few minutes ago on Calle de Hidalgo almost at Insurgentes. A foreign woman attacked my daughter and me, lowering her mask and coughing in our face. Later I realized that she did the same to other people. She walks a little black and white dog. She wears a cap, a backpack, gray-green fisherman pants and a beige t-shirt. So be careful. I reported her to 911 but now she's in a downtown store. Thank you

Be careful with this foreigner !!! She takes off her mask and coughs in your face.

In just its first few days the Facebook post has attracted 90 comments, 300 likes and 450 shares, casting a bad light on all of us expats.

On Civil List A.A.'s post had two likes and a 3 positive replies when I first saw it. I kept my feelings to myself. The fourth reply told A.A. that she had acted irresponsibly, that she was gaining regional fame on Facebook for her actions and, the obvious, that just because she tested negative 10 days ago and feels fine doesn't mean that she doesn't have the virus now. The subsequent 29 comments almost all expressed varying degrees of outrage or were A.A. defending herself: "I had no idea I would be so thrown under the bus." Then there were replies by a couple of people who tried to call the discussion to an end, including, the owner of Civil List.

Many on Civil List commented that what A.A. did was criminal. Someone asserted it was felony assault. Another suggested that it was attempted murder. I upped the ante in my reply in the thread there:

The man who made the original Facebook post writes (in Spanish) that you removed your mask and coughed in his and his daughter's faces. It's impossible to believe that he would have noticed, much less complained, if as you claim it was, "a fake cough, with my covered mouth closed, at LEAST 3 METERS FROM ANYONE."

In the United States the charge for what you did is terrorism.

Comments on Facebook are advocating violence against you and extranjeros (expats) like you; let's hope there aren't many.

Friendly advice: If I were you, I'd stay out of the Centro, especially with your dog, and not go out anywhere with that hat or tee shirt.

Dr David

(My recollection is that person who deliberately and repeatedly coughed on produce in a supermarket in the States was charged with terrorism.)

The tee shirt A.A. is wearing in the photos is from an NPR affiliate station covering Northern California and southern Oregon. It's the kind they give away to donors. The photo on the tee shirt appears to be of the Oregon coastline. From this we know at least that A.A. is on the "correct" side of the political spectrum.

I skim through Civil List, stopping to read the few things each week that might interest me. I've only read a few posts about Covid there. But, just reading the post titles I can see that there has been and still is a lot of animated discussion about the pandemic, particularly the use of masks. Recently there were complaints of non-compliance, since remedied, at Mercado Sano. (Remember, the TOSMA Saturday Market is separate from Mercado Sano and is fully compliant.) Also there was a thread about a certain prepared food service chef who apparently somehow questioned the wisdom or the need to wear masks; not a brilliant career move.

A.A. is obviously from the mandatory compliance school of masking. Rather than just bellyache about the problem, she took manners into her own hands. I'm sure that she knew that coughing in close proximity to people's faces was against the law. I expect she reasoned that the unmasked were themselves breaking the law in a bad way, while her law-breaking was in the service of a higher good, teaching them a lesson.

A.A.'s self-righteousness, her belief that she was in possession of the truth, that she was entitled and obliged to force that truth on the unenlightened, unmasked sluggards, brings home to me something of the civil unrest up in the States.

Bari Weiss

This week Bari Weiss wrote, in her letter of resignation from the New York Times, objecting to the fact that:

"...a new consensus has emerged in the press, but perhaps especially at this paper: that truth isn't a process of collective discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else."

Anyone who believes that the truth is best served by stifling discussion can't handle the truth.

Malcolm X

Capitalism vs socialism, reform vs revolution, merit vs quota, equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome, MLK vs BLM, class identity vs intersectionality, blacks shot by blacks vs blacks killed by cops... Malcolm X was against Welfare. Longstanding members of the left are being canceled by newly-arrived members of the far left for dissenting from the recently enshrined progressive orthodoxy.

The authoritarian tendencies of the radical left scare me. Robespierre, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot all believed in the nobility of their cause and the need to murder people to achieve it.

Hawk Newsome, President of Greater New York Black Lives Matter

"If this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? And I could be speaking figuratively. I could be speaking literally."
    - Hawk Newsome, President of Greater New York Black Lives Matter

A.A. considers herself a good person. She responds to her critics on Civil List:

"They’ve got the wrong person it was not me. Was this person and his daughter wearing a mask? It wasn’t me I haven’t assaulted anybody. anybody that knows me personally would know that I am emotionally and physically in capable of assaulting anybody."

I'm sure A.A. is a good person. But history clearly shows that good persons get swept up in causes that are bad. My favorite professor often recited his favorite prayer, "Protect me from the good intentions of others."

I don't want to live in a country where people who are ready to "burn down [the] system and replace it" have political control or in a world where extremists like A.A. have legal authority.

It's obvious, no, that the protesters who have been rioting in Portland, Oregon (A.A.'s home state?) for the last six weeks are not trying to reform America, that they are trying to tear down all American institutions?

These people imagine that they can engineer a better political system that will give us better societal outcomes. But the system we have is complicated and is working pretty well, while their solutions are simplistic or, as in the case of Marxism, obviously failed.

Portland, Oregon

Terrorism is defined as "acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws... intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population..." I don't know about you, but I'm against it, here in SMA, in Portland or anywhere else... even in an election year.


Dr David's roots go deep into the black community, as a future article will make perfectly clear. So just chill out, honkeys. And don't be schooling him about revolution, neither, you who've never stepped out of line in your whole life. He has a few things to show you.

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