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The Poet Paints

by Miguel Canseco

The mind and soul of the reader are the canvas on which the poet paints all sorts of ideas and sensations.

The union of poetry and visual arts was characteristic of the Baroque (between the XVI and the XVIII centuries) This was a period in which every image had an allegorical meaning.

Following this tradition, this video poem of San Miguel's Miguel Canseco recovers the symbolic meaning of every element:
-the cup as an allegory of love,
-the star as hope,
-the sun as the reason... creating this video postcard as a prayer for 2020.

We are truly blessed here in San Miguel de Allende to have artists such as Miguel recreating this bond between the eyes and the soul. The visual poetry that long ago gave meaning to books and temples now returns in this contemporary art piece as a message of hope and strength for our new year.


Miguel Canseco is a professional Tarot reader, psychologist, author and visual artist. He has made several solo exhibitions in museums and galleries in Mexico and several international collective shows in America and Europe. He published the book "Tarot, from dilemma to metaphor" in 2016. He currently reads and teaches Tarot and creates his artwork at his studio in San Miguel de Allende. For appointments for Tarot readings you can contact him via whatsapp at 415-151-0372, via mail to cansecotarot@gmail.com, instagram@cansecotarot, or Facebook in his profile as Miguel Canseco

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