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Mythology and the Contemporary Soul:
An Archetypal Perspective

Beginning Tuesday, September 17

by Carlos Chancellor

You probably know that Hermes was the messenger of the Greek Gods, but did you know that he was also the god of: trade, travellers, boundaries, the liminal, transitions, thieves, poets, orators, wit, invention and trade, among other things. Essentially, he is the god of movement and fluidity and is the personification of all of those qualities within ourselves that find a way, that look for the new, which see things in a different light; of renewal. When we say “think outside the box”, we are, in a sense, summoning a quality within us that the ancients once named “Hermes”.

Likewise, we may think of Eros only as the god of sexual love, however, as he is one of the primordial deities in the Greek pantheon, he is also the god of the law of attraction; that which brings all things together. The god of gravity. The god of union. He represents within us that which pulls us towards another and seeks to unite with them, grow from them, form along with them, learn from them… a force that goes well beyond the mere confines of sex. He is the force behind the dialectic; the god of the two-in-one. Eros makes us aware of the other, and through the other, aware of ourselves.

More than just tales that try to explain natural phenomena, myths are the unconscious narratives that relate the individual inner experiences of a culture with themselves, those around them and the greater workings and mysteries of life and the cosmos. The eminent mythologist Karl Kerenyi, whom worked very closely with Carl Jung, referred to myths as “styles of existence”. As the foundational metaphors that inform and guide our relationships, myths continue to be as relevant today as they were to those people who impressed their collective imagery upon cave walls.

Jungian Analyst, author and mythological scholar James Hillman said of Greek Mythology that it was less of a religion than it was a psychology. We can draw from many traditions and mythologies to peel back the veils of what Joseph Campbell referred to as the “Monomyth.” Still to reveal the archetypal unity of human experience, we place emphasis is placed on the mythology of Ancient Greece. This is in part because it reveals the foundations of the collective psychological makeup of our Western Culture. But mainly it is because the Ancient Greeks were unabashedly concerned with human nature and its dynamics, from its creative aspirations (Apollo, Athene, Haephestos, Daedalus) to its impulses (Ares, Aphrodite, Eros) to its dark and unseen mysteries (Hades, Hekate, Oneiros). Human nature was regarded and described by the Ancient Greeks in all of its naked expression, poetically, with minimal judgment. In their mythology, human nature was just so, and everything had its place.


The Class
Mythology and the Contemporary Soul: An Archetypal Perspective
New course beginning Tuesday, September 17

Using the myths of the Ancient Greeks as a map, this course seeks to uncover our contemporary myths and explore the personal stories that guide us through our lives in order to gain a deeper understand of ourselves and our culture. No previous knowledge of Mythology is necessary, however enthusiasts will get to explore from a new perspective.

Why: Self-exploration and awareness through understanding of one's personal myth, breaking the ego's identification with an outdated and potentially addictive story, as well as a deep understanding of Ancient Greek Mythology and its key figures.

When: Every Tuesday from 12 pm to 1:30 pm.

Where: At a participant's house in Guadiana (address and directions will be provided when participation is confirmed). Participants are encouraged to carpool.

Material: A notebook, writing material, curiosity. You will eventually need to secure a copy of Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces. It is recommended to get a copy of Cassel's Dictionary of Classical Mythology edited by Jenny March.

Cost: $200 MXN per class.

Who: Anybody may join. No previous knowledge of mythology necessary, but experts may find new perspectives. This course is limited to nine participants.

What: This course will look at Greek Mythology: Its tales, deities, heroes, and other personages, all of which will be explored and considered for their analogues and resonance with the stories of our souls (psychology / psyche logia / story of the soul) as 21st century occidentals; essentially answering the questions "What are the central myths of Ancient Greece and how are they relevant to me?" There will also be a guided reading of Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

Registration: Please register either through email or by phone. The class is limited to nine participants. There will be a waiting list. Email: cfchancellor@gmail.com Mobile: 415-109-9115 I do have WhatsApp.

For more information:

Contact: cfchancellor@gmail.com * 415-109-9115


Testimonials from current participants (Mythonauts)

"Carlos is a born teacher and Myth is his Passion. No better way to truly understand the science of Mythology."
-Azzah Manukova


"Wowee! This class is amazing."
-Loy Geddes


"I have been in Carlos' myth class for a few months now and my experience thus far keeps getting better with each class. The further we progress into both the stories themselves and the psychological underpinnings of their meanings and symbols the more I feel I have happened upon both an excellent academic course and depth-psychotherapy session combined. And, it's an amazing deal to boot. I truly look forward to each week's class where I can step away from the "mundane" world of work, chores and errands and into the numinous world of archetypes, the unconscious and the profound nature of story."
-Christy Higgins


"I have had the extraordinary pleasure of being in Carlos Chancellor's Myth class! He is quite an extraordinary person as he actually listens to us and he gives us insight that makes it more thought provoking! He allows us to explore and he gently brings us back to where we should be!"
-Robyn Johnson


"Myth Class with Carlos!

Fun, informative and intellectually stimulating. A great way to spend 90 minutes once a week.

Recommended for those who like to have an interesting conversation minus the glass of wine, cheese and crackers. Hmm... Wait a minute. Why not? That might be the only thing that the class lacks."
-Alan Garfinkle


"Dear Potential Mythonaut,
I highly recommend Carlos Chancellor's Mythology course for your insight, knowledge, play, and personal exploration of ancient mythologies as they weave their tales from distant past into present transformative forms. Carlos is the storyteller and guide for your journey.

The Course is based on Joseph Campbell's delightful book "The Hero With a Thousand Faces". Carlos spices up the journey by adding Jungian archetypes to the deep mythology tapestry. Great way to spend an afternoon in rich dialogue and personal learning."
-Linda Raven


"I love the myth class because of the discussions which delve into deep philosophical and spiritual questions. Carlos is extremely detailed in his understanding of the material and it is a pleasure to take part in the class."


Carlos Chancellor observes and learns from human nature and soul. Based on these observations, he teaches courses that offer a deeper understanding of ourselves and the ways in which we relate to the world in order to gain greater depth and sincerity in our relationships (to ourselves, others and our environment) focused towards an understanding of profound interconnectedness. He was born in Mexico and raised in the United States and Canada. He is a practicing Jungian-Archetypal psychotherapist, a dreamworker, Mythologist and a Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator. He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Aikido and is the head instructor at Tamashī to Kokoro Aikikai Aikido Dojo in San Miguel de Allende. He has held an ongoing Mythology and the Soul class for more than four years, facilitates a dreamwork group and has been a lecturer at the Lifelong Learning Program on various occasions. He is a storyteller, storyweaver, storylistener and storyunraveller. He was an International Baccalaureate English Literature and Theory of Knowledge teacher. He made San Miguel de Allende his home in 2014.

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