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Isabelle Mahnes' Spectacle of Fashion
Thursday, November 21, 4:30-8pm

Photography by Carola Polakov

"I started making clothes when I was a little girl, making my party clothes. In Mexico at those times there was not so much fashion. I identified myself by how I dressed up. It was fun to dress up as characters."

"I went to a technical school to learn how to sew, because I know I wanted to work in the studio, actually making the clothes, not just designing from afar."

"I went to Parsons [School of Design] in New York City where I had great teachers who really inspired me. I learned to follow my own path, to make my own language. I am working with my own being through the process of creation itself."

"My personal life and sewing are intertwined as part of my identity, who I am in relation to the world and what the world is becoming and how I perceive it."

** Please enable FULL SCREEN and use the PAUSE BUTTON while watching this video. **

About the Fashion Show/Performance/Sale:

"Actors, musicians, dancers, poets, singers... 13 people in all will be modeling the clothes and performing in various rooms as fairies, yogis lovers..."

"I found these great characters to express themselves. I am capturing them in their own essence, improvising. It's going to be an experiment."

"There will be various styles of clothing, different themes. My work is very eclectic

"Chef Bernardo Granados will be creating his sushi
Agustin Solorzano will be presenting Solorzano Tequila."

Thursday, November 21, 4:30-8pm, Mixta, Pila Seca 3, $180, including catering



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