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Papa, Wants a New Pair of Shoes
Cost Per Usage

Dr David, Editor / Publisher

I am widely regarded as the best salesperson in the Saturday Organic Market. (I am not saying that I am as good as Pedro, who sells the cheeses, but he's inside at Mercado Sano.) I sell my girlfriend's woven fashions, shawls, etc. The head of the market, not an effusive man, praised me effusively to my girlfriend. He and other vendors have told her how great it is to watch me engage potential buyers. These are often folks who do not at first realize that they are potential buyers. Other vendors stay behind their tables. I spend a good bit of time in front of ours pulling them in, hawking our wares.

Part of my sales pitch, a later part, a line I use if I need to keep stirring the pot that long, is about cost per usage. After I've told them, "This shawl becomes your go-to piece," if they still need further persuasion, I add, "It costs less if you wear it more." I explain that it's like a reliable appliance that you use year after year versus one that doesn't last. If you get more usage out of it, then the purchase price spreads out more lightly, the cost per usage is less. My potential buyers regularly tell me, "You are a great salesman." To which I reply, "Yes, but I've got a great product."

I've gotten a lot of usage out of the Teva sandals I bought seven years ago. Last year about this time, when I was visiting my daughter in New Orleans, as I am again now, I bought some Velcroe for the sandals. The original Velcroe just wasn't consistently holding the straps closed anymore. I had in mind to have it replaced. But I haven't gotten around to it. Loose straps don't matter in the city. The only time when there is a problem is when I am doing some serious hiking. And that, I'm ashamed to say, is hardly ever.

This year my girlfriend and my daughter convinced me to buy new sandals, pointing out that I got great cost per usage out of my old pair. They closed the sale by persuading me that I would also get great cost per usage out of a new pair. In looking over the different models of Teva sandals, I checked out reviews on Amazon. One of the reviews gave me pause. It was from a man who wrote that he had worn his Teva's for ten years. Ten years?! Having worn mine for only seven, I felt like a wimp. I was leaning towards not making the purchase. I thought, "If he can wear his for ten years than I can hold onto mine for another three."

Then I realized that this ten-year fellow must live somewhere up north where there are four distinct seasons; Wisconsin comes to mind. When he wrote that he had worn his Teva sandals for ten years he meant ten summers, with maybe a little late spring and early autumn thrown in. Then, he probably only wore them on weekends and after work. By contrast, here in Mexico my Tevas are my go-to footwear year 'round. I've been pounding away in them non-stop, wearing them 95% of the time that I'm out of the house. I'm going to write my own review on Amazon, rather than let some guy in Wisconsin get all the glory. I think I'll include a photo.

I promised my girlfriend that I would not return to Mexico with my old pair of sandals, but I think maybe I will. They look so Mexican. Don't they?


photo: Alessandro Bo (cropped)

Dr David has been publishing this online magazine for 4 years now. He is about to expand the format of the magazine and publish it under a new name, San Miguel Sunday. Anyone with any interest in contributing articles is heartily encouraged to contact him at the email below. The "Best City in the World" deserves a good lokkal magazine.

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