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A New Approach to an Ancient Art
The Tarot of the Tavern

Miguel Canseco is a professional Tarot reader, psychologist, author and visual artist. His clients attest that the symbols and poetry embedded in Tarot cards come to life in each one of his readings. These sessions are unique experiences, providing helpful insights, shedding new light on emotions.

Tarot reading is an art form based on ancient knowledge. Miguel tells us, “It is a bridge to connect with the deep wisdom of our own soul and also an open door for imagination. It affords the possibility of finding deeper meanings in the challenges of life.”

Recently Miguel has spent a lot of time traveling between San Miguel and Salitto. Saltillo is the capital and largest city of the northeastern Mexican state of Coahuil. Founded in 1577 it is the oldest post-conquest settlement in northern Mexico.

There, up north, his favorite haunt is El Cerdo de Babel, the most famous tavern in Saltillo. This tavern is a cultural space that for fifteen years has been the meeting place of some of the most important writers, poets, and artists of northern Mexico.

El Cerdo de Babel has diversified. They are now also a publishing house whose first major project will be Miguel's Tarot de la Taberna (Tarot of the Tavern). Actually it is a joint effort: Miguel is imagining and drawing the Tarot deck and the renowned novelist and poet Julian Herbert, who resides in Mexico City is writing the accompanying book.

Scheduled to be released in October. El Tarot de la Taberna will be an artistic interpretation of this classic “game,” an exploration of its symbols through art and literature in a limited edition deck.

Miguel came to San Miguel two years ago, choosing our fair city because of its international community and the great number of artists and spiritual seekers residing in town. He observes, "San Miguel is a place for symbols and since the Tarot relies on symbols, it is fertile soil for a life based on Tarot and art."

In an exclusive for San Miguel Sunday, we share the creative process of producing this new Tarot deck as each card is born in Miguel's studio in Colonia Guadiana. In future issues will be updating the progress of this project. Follow along and watch as this wonderful project evolves. Miguel proudly say of his new project and city, “Tarot de la Taberna is a project that confirms the creative soul of our beautiful city.”

In addition to designing El Tarot de la Taberna, Miguel is conducting an ongoing investigation into the history of the Tarot. He authored a book about Tarot entitled Del dilema a la metáfora (From Dilemma to Metaphor) in which he describes the history of Tarot from the fifteenth century renaissance courts of Milan to the present day. In it he presents the Tarot as an actual psychological tool that can help people to identify their true emotions and shape the big decisions of their lives. He is also working on his art pieces, drawings and paintings that are integral parts of his passion for alchemy, symbology and the Western artistic esoteric tradition.

You can see more information related to El Tarot de la Taberna in the official instagram account @tarotdelataberna

You may contact Miguel for Tarot readings:
cansecotarot@gmail.com / instagram @cansecotarot / fb Miguel Canseco / phone 415 151 0372

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