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Anagha Godbole has been one of the Top 5 Master Chef India contestants. Born and raised in India, she is a strong proponent of ethnic food.

I have seen that people are going pizza and pasta crazy, ignoring the incredible wealth of knowledge we have. I believe that traditional cuisine needs to be promoted extensively in the world. I want to be an ambassador for that. I continue to read, learn, explore and showcase the enormous variety of foods we have. Food is a universal language and I love to use it to connect when people.

Some highlights of Anagha's work include:
Winner of Top Chef at IIFA; Certified Culinary Travel Specialist- Presenting Indian culinary tourism at a conference in Greece; Judge at Specialty Food Association NY; Judge for Food Photography contest; food photography for brands; developed some video recipes for leading organic brand, in India

Anagha has over 15K followers on Instagram and around 10K on Facebook.

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Blog: The Saffron Touch

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