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SMA to Salt Lake City
Representing Mexican Culture

In this very entertaining short video local anthropologist and tour guide (see below) Alberto Ave discusses his recent visit to Salt Lake City, Utah, where he was invited by the Mexican Consulate to deliver three talks:
1- the meaning of the name Mexico and its coat of arms
2- the main talk, in honor of the opening of an exhibit of Mayan art at the Utah Museum of Natural History,
3- the Aztec Calendar Stone.


Artisans Of Time Tours

Alberto Ave is Director at Artisans Of Time/Artesanos del Tiempo.
He worked at Tecuani Experts in Tourism and Culture S.C..
He studied at:
World Tourism Organization and Open University of Catalonia; Cultural Policies and Cultural Management at the Organization of Ibero-American States;
International Cooperation for Development and Tourism at the World Tourism Organization, University of Valencia, University of Perpignan, University of Andorra;
National School of Anthropology and History;
Anthropology at ENAH, UNAM;
Colegio Ciudad de Mexico.
He is from Tenochtitlán, Mexico, Mexico


Contact Alberto Ave: 415-1000-947

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