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Tragedy and Redemption in San Miguel

by Colette

One sunny afternoon last week I read a news story from last year. A 19-year-old girl in Spain drowned her black cat in the washing machine. The cat survived the first wash, so it was subjected to a second cycle from which it did not emerge alive. As if that weren't enough, she recorded the animal's suffering on video, while narrating her actions. Then she shared the video on her Instagram profile.

"He's dead. Yes. The bad luck cat," concludes the filmmaker at the end of her recording.

Her cruelty was condemned online. She responded to these recriminations by threatening to kill more animals, posting the photo of a dog which she holds by the neck, accompanied by the text: "Next victim. You don't want me to kill cats, ok, now it's dogs."

I tried to make sense of her horrible reality. I tried to use empathy instead of being a judge. It is not difficult to imagine her once being an abused innocent. I understood that this woman herself was denied love and respect. No one raised her. This is the result. You can only give what you receive. Still, given all that, she is responsible for her actions. Even now she has the ability to decide right from wrong and the power to heal her psychological wound.

And things can get worse. According to the FBI certain psychopathies, which degenerate into the mistreatment and even murder of people, are identified in their first phase by abuses and ill-treatment of animals.

The young woman has already been arrested. For her crime the penal code of Spain recommends a penalty of up to a year and a half in prison.


That same afternoon, after reading this horror, I went for a walk. I was overwhelmed and confused. I tried in my reflections to find an answer to a single question: Will this lack of love in the world have a solution?

The Universe gave me my answer... quickly.

A short distance in front of me a strange thing happened. A young woman walking near the market was carrying a transparent bag of dry dog food. Out of the blue, she came upon a stray dog ​​and called to him. She started stroking his head and then fed him. Soon another pair of dogs arrived, She also filled them with love and kibble.

Before me I contemplated the antithesis of the Spanish news story. This young woman in San Miguel, through her kindness, showed me another side of reality. I felt a great relief. I realized that most people are still good.

I started my walk wondering, will this lack of love in the world have a solution? The Universe responded, "Yes, there is still hope, we are all the solution."

I have my answer, my model. If this woman with her bag of dog food can spread love in the world then I can spread love in my way and you can in yours. I felt my soul become light again... one more time.


Colette defers: "I will try to define the indefinable? How do I explain myself?"

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