Lokkal- todo SMA
Murals, Murals Everywhere

by Joseph Toone

Long ago in a land not so very far away murals as street art were a rarity in San Miguel. Colonia Guadalupe was one of the first neighborhoods to promote having resident, national and international artists express themselves through public art, particularly along the creek’s bank across from the high school. Since that time murals of varying styles and impact have spread far and wide throughout the city.

City-wide the most popular murals are to the town’s androgynous namesake, St. Michael, and to the Mother of Mexico, the Virgin of Guadalupe. Often buildings feature both.

Schools tend to feature their namesake plus Independence heroes like Ignacio Allende, Josefa and Fr. Hidalgo. Other murals are more conceptual. Still others, like several in Colonia Santa Julia, feature a breathtaking use of perspective, features I didn’t think it was possible to create with spray paint.

Two of my favorites are on Calzada de la Aurora heading towards the Fabrica de la Aurora from Centro. One, with the Mexican Maria doll in the center is a cultural history of town complete with the Catrina, stars for the Virgin of the Light and a rather clownish President Trump. Just down by the bridge is another Mexican Maria doll flying above the local cacti. This is one of the town’s latest murals.

Part of what I enjoy so much about walking around town is that streets are constantly adding murals in every neighborhood. The murals, by their very nature, are ethereal; they decay and are replaced by others. We are so lucky to have street art changing constantly and being added to nearly daily all over town.

Do yourself a favor and go exploring around town to view all the murals, or simply join me on a mural tour and enjoy the stories behind the images.


Joseph Toone is Amazon's bestselling author of the San Miguel de Allende Secrets series of books and TripAdvisor's best rated historical walking tour guide. For more information contact toone.joseph@yahoo.com or visit History and Culture Walking Tours or JosephTooneTours.com, also on FaceBook.

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