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March for Missing Students

On Monday, March 19, 2018, three students of cinematography from CAAV Universidad de Medios Audiovisuales in Guadalajara were kidnapped. To date, their whereabouts are not known. The same has happened with students from other educational institutions in recent days. Disappearing young people is putting an end to the future.

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Translation below the video.

March 24, 2018 - March For Missing Students
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Sisters and brothers, more than 35,000 are missing.

We have not only a hurt Mexico, but a severed Mexico.

They disappear art.

Art expresses the inner life of human beings, their relationship with this life from the depths of ourselves.

That which is invisible to the eye and for what there is no other language.

Art imagines other possible realities and materializes them. It is fertile ground that allows us to plant the seeds of empathy and compassion.

Art is the mirror of human form, where we can really know that we are never alone. There is always someone out there who lives this experience just like you. I am also the other.

Solomon, Marco and Daniel know it and are committed to it. I'm sure, if they were all three here, they would speak in this language to their captors and the authorities.

They would say ...

Why are you doing this? What do you gain doing this? money? power? What is the story behind your ambitions?

What is hidden behind the mask of violence? Where, when, how was born the greed of money and power that eats you every day and does not allow you to connect with me?

What does it symbolize for you?

Let me tell your story! Because, just like me, you also have one. I share your pain. I share your fears, your joys.

I am your brother! You are my brother!
We are a country! We are a species!

Let's start acting like it before only blood and desolation is left for us all!

[Crowd] Alive they were taken! Alive we want them!

Another agreement from yesterday was to demand of the authorities that if they cannot return our companions alive, then they must quit!

If they cannot do it, they must resign!

They must resign!

This is a call to all the national and international artistic community. Art, more than ever, calls to fight to rescue the human essence.

Let the walls of the cities be filled with painting and poetry.

May public spaces be flooded with music, dance, cinema, theater.

In the parks alongside the playgrounds we should always have books.

Let the buildings be painted with mappings and multimedia shows.

Let the streets be surrounded by sculptures that will witness this time.

Yes to art! No to violence!
Yes to art! No to violence!
Yes to art! No to violence!

Yes to art! No to violence!
Yes to art! No to violence!

Let anger give us strength and imagination guide us.


35 thousand disappearances since 2007 and
more than 234,000 homicides in the last two presidential terms


They are not three, they are all of us!
We want them alive!
Where are they:
Javier, Daniel, Marco?

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Translator's Note:
This week I watched this Facebook video and felt how powerful its message is. Dr. David, Lokkal's publisher, did also and felt moved to publish it here in Lokkal Magazine, giving me the task of translating it. Doing so, watching again, rewinding parts several times, I ended up in tears.

I am honored to spread the message to you, the English speaking community. You are also a part of our country and more so of San Miguel de Allende, contributing to build bridges heart to heart among brothers and sisters, sharing the same moment in human history. As the speaker in the video says, "Let imagination guide us."
-Jess Miramontes

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