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Lena Bartula, La Huipilista - Video Interview

by Jessica Antonelli, a Lokkal Magazine Production

An interview of the woman who weaves stories and social action into her art, Lena Bartula, La Huipilista, in her new beautiful studio space in the Guadalupe Arts District in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

About Lena Bartula:
A visual artist for more than thirty-five years, Lena Bartula moved from Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2004 to Mexico, where she lives and works full time in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Her repertoire includes painting, installation, printmaking, constructions, book arts and mixed media. Her art often combines imagery and pattern, textured layers, and words or letters in English or Spanish, inspired by her own poetry or that of other writers.

The huipil, an indigenous blouse in the Mesoamerican tradition, called her attention to the 'why' of writing one's personal and collective history in symbols. Out of this was born a series of contemporary huipils, a tribute to women whose voices and visions have historically been silenced or suppressed.

She considers art-making as a way to speak of beauty, truth, spirit, joy, pain, justice, everything that this human life entails.



Jessica Antonelli has been teaching & making art in San Miguel de Allende for about 3 years. She was born & raised on the island of Galveston "near" Texas. With a Masters in Teaching, she was awarded as the city's 2013 teacher of the year while in TX public schools. She is an actress as well as artist and entrepreneur, and crazy about permaculture. She is passionate about helping students have creative breakthroughs. Learn more at www.jessicaantonelli.com or www.facebook.com/sanmiguelartclasses

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