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Theta Healing

A algunos les gustan las nuevas tendencia, pero yo prefiero las viejas corrientes.
[Some like the new waves, but I prefer the old currents (slang for prostitutes).]
-Pancho Gas

by Oscar Plazola

My only actual teta therapy, I mean, Theta Therapy was in the subway in Mexico City, between the stations of Bellas Artes and Pino Suarez. The car swayed and suddenly I was trapped between the tetas [teats] of two bulky ladies, who were resounding back and forth at the back of the popular public transport, with me as the slice of ham of their sandwich. Of course, it was an unpleasant feeling. What could be nice about traveling in a can of sardines, even if you are a sardine?

Since San Miguel was granted the title of "magic town," every day or, at least, most of them, as if by magic, something new appears. Sometimes we notice these new things, other times not: a new business, three new houses, eight new buildings , a new spa, a new golf course, etc.

Recently, all at once a new guru named Ram Maharshi arrives (who actually comes from Celaya) with a new therapy, Theta Healing, that will heal you of all your illnesses... for a small amount of money. Because we live in a boutique village, a paradise for weddings and good vibes, we can enjoy, or at least know about, the new trends in health. Recently, a publicity flyer fell into my hands (regretably lost to me before starting this text) where were announced a series of new health programs, never before tested in San Miguel. I remember the flyer made me feel like I was in need of at least two of the services listed. However, the excess of my unpaid bills soon forced me back to reality, reducing my need to only one of these services. The question was: which should I choose?

When I decided (realistically) to make my choice based on costs, the list was reduced to two options, Theta Healting and Pharaoh's Massage. My ignorance about the new trends did not help me to make a decision, so I appealed to my common sense and opted for the Pharaoh's Massage, based on my experience in the subway of the City and my desire to feel godly for a moment.

Now all I have to do is save up the money and hope that when I do, the business still exists and has not disappeared, like so many of those new businesses that came to town.


Oscar Plazola, a Mexican, poet and writer who is spoiled, the Mexican poet Benjamin Valdivia baptized him, as a dictator of urban histories and his work as urbanizations. It is relatively easy to find in his work the influence of authors such as Chava Flores, Jaime López, or Joaquín Sabina, even of poets like Ricardo Castillo, Efraín Huerta or Nicanor Parra. However, he is an author with a voice of his own that does not deny the tradition of nonconformists and anti-silence. We are the news, we are the statistics, a grain in the governor's ass, the stain in history that is not talked about, a disposition that God forgets. (Universal Disinherited) The city and its letters go together with a casual and provocative voice, based on one's own experience and in the very perception of a paradoxical World. Nomad among urban conglomerates that he loves and hates at the same time. The critical charge of his work is, however, lightened by the action of the acids of irony, humor and mockery that he sometimes exerts against himself. And already at the gates of heaven, Saint Peter did not behave, here you can not go in, go to hell, mammon, here you have no place, you're a fucking pedestrian (The soul of a pedestrian) In short, risky and carefree author who has mixed his experiences and his vision of the world to create a simply different style.
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