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Chant of Two Gardens
the union of two artists
exhibition - Saturday, July 22

"Chant of Two Gardens" is the union of two artists, two languages, two ways of saying one idea at one time. Each piece contains the beauty and richness of the poetic language of Octavio Paz and a visual interpretation of the poem. The integration of materials and techniques, mimics the binding of several words or phrases forming poems. Ceramics, drawing, painting, volume, 2D, planes and textures are available as vocabulary for such representations.

The word of Octavio Paz, generating images by itself, leads us to imagine within his extensive repertoire this small number of visual poems, in which trees are the guests of honor. Roots, stems, leaves and branches, suggest this space for contemplation.

In this exhibition we want to pay tribute to the word of one of the icons of our literature and our culture, Octavio Paz.

At the same time our intention is to approach a silent world around us, with its foliage and its subtle dances, a world where trees still sing.

This project was initiated by the fascination we both felt for Octavio Paz, and our desire to work in a partnership. We’ve known each other for many years, and the mutual admiration for the work of the other is a constant in our relationship. The poetry of Octavio Paz created the expected link.

We had to develop an idea where ceramics and illustration then blend. So reviewing the poems of the writer we found that the joint point would be trees. It is no secret that the poet felt a deep love for them, and that trees were a constant reference in his writings from his youth. We had to solve how to integrate both languages, so that 2D and 3D became one piece. The harmony came in a format of 10 boxes that serve as canvas for Alifie and as structure and containment for parts of my sculptures, one complementing the other. Then came the selection of 10 fragments of the work of Octavio Paz in which, of course, trees are the protagonists.


Arbol adentro

Creció en mi frente un árbol
creció hacia adentro.
Sus raíces son venas
nervios sus ramas.
Sus confusos follajes pensamientos.
Tus miradas lo encienden
y sus frutos de sombras
son naranjas de sangre
son granadas de lumbre.
en la noche del cuerpo
allá adentro, en mi frente
el árbol habla
             Acércate ¿lo oyes?

- Octavio Paz

A Tree Inside

A tree grew on my forehead
Grew inward.
Its roots are veins
Nerves its branches.
Its confused foliage thoughts.
Your eyes turn it on
And its fruits of shadows
Are blood oranges
Are fire grenades.
In the night of the body
Inside there, on my forehead
The tree speaks
            Come closer, can you hear it?

- Octavio Paz



Alifie Rojas: Since I was 18 and as part of creative self exploration, I used watercolor as a primordial technique. Having experimented in different techniques and styles and in a self-taught way I found a path with different slopes, passing through landscape, abstract, modeling, photography, hyperrealism, among others.

From personal and economic necessity, I specialized in biological illustration with three basic techniques: watercolor, graphite and Chinese ink.

However, the search for a style and a language of their own has led me along paths of greater wealth. So I have arrived now at the mixture not only of techniques and styles, but also at the mixture of creators of the same work in common.

For me, the opportunity to collaborate with Ana Rivera has been an open door to explore my own limits, enriching my creative work and giving me new elements for greater professional strength.


Ana Rivera studied at the Academy of San Carlos in the workshops of continuing education (anatomical modeling, sculpture and drawing.) Also she takes courses in casting in bronze and techniques of materials in the National Center of Arts. She attends ceramics workshops in Oaxaca, Merida and San Miguel de Allende. She has participated in more than 15 collective exhibitions and has had about 10 individual exhibitions in cultural centers and public and private galleries.

Currently she lives and works in San Miguel de Allende.

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