Lokkal- todo SMA

By Michael Lucas

Legs move up and down her sidewalk
Old sandals carrying woven bags trudge home
Shinny oxfords flatten discarded wrappers
An occasional cigarette falls to the cement

Sun shines on this parade of strangers
Broken bits of conversation
Flow beside the old lady

Sitting in their shade
Not begging, not seen
Her wrinkled face watches passing lives
"Buenos dias, Senora" seeps into her space

Dark brown eyes look up
A gringo face looks down
Cupped in her withered hands coins appear
Silently sitting on the curb
In her quiet space

The human life span
resizes infinity
so reality is endurable


Michael Lucas graduated from Cal Berkeley in the 60’s, where he was radicalized and eventually followed a spiritual path that lead to teaching for 30 years. Those last 12 years, he taught high school media. In retirement he made documentary films and shot, edited and color corrected digital film. In 2015 he began writing poetry and scripts. This is his passion. I spend time between Napa California with his grandchildren and San Miguel, where he first found support to develop his creativity.

Awards & Recognitions

Documentary Film: “Gravity Works” Shown in the Napa Sonoma Film Festival

Screen Writer scripts:
• To Short To Die On Line Screenplay Competition – Finalist
• Fantasy/Sci-Fi Screen Festival, Toronto – Selected
• Hollywood International Moving Pictures Festival –Finalist
• Hollywood Just For Shorts Film and Screenplay competition – Semi-Finalist
• Paris Arts and Movie Awards – Selected
• Script and Storyboard Show Case – Selected

Poetry: Fisher Poets Gathering, Astoria, Oregon - Reader

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