Sharing Their Stories - author presentation

Wednesday, July 10, 5pm
Teatro Santa Ana, Relox 50A
$165 Tickets

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We all deserve to have our stories told…

How can writers support people who want to tell their stories but, for some reason, can’t?

Sharing Their Stories, Talk With Two Authors is a talk where Elsmarie Norby and Kim Malcolm share what motivated them to write.

“It Is To Wonder”, is the book where Elsmarie tells the stories of the people who live in San Miguel Viejo.

In “Burden of Truth”, Kim co-authored with Robby Carrier Bethel, tells the story of the Carrier family of Louisiana, who have faced 100 years of injustice and corruption in the theft of their oil resources.


Todos merecemos que se cuenten nuestras historias...

¿Cómo pueden los escritores apoyar a las personas que quieren contar sus historias pero, por alguna razón, no pueden?

Sharing Their Stories, Talk With Two Authors es una charla en la que Elsmarie Norby y Kim Malcolm comparten lo que les motivó a escribir.

"It Is To Wonder", es el libro donde Elsmarie cuenta las historias de la gente que vive en San Miguel Viejo.

En "Burden of Truth", Kim en coautoría con Robby Carrier Bethel, cuenta la historia de la familia Carrier de Luisiana, quienes han enfrentado 100 años de injusticia y corrupción en el robo de sus recursos petroleros.


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