Leonard, Reva Brooks - opening

Thursday, April 25, 4-7pm
Lavinia´s Art Space, Calzada de la Estación 151

Reva and Leonard Brooks helped establish San Miguel de Allende as a world famous Art and Music Colony. Come to see and experience their story at Casa Europa starting during the month of February.

In 1947 Leonard and Reva left Canada for Mexico, where Leonard planned to study painting for a year, on a war veteran’s pension. A very pivotal moment occurred when Stirling Dickinson, director of the Fine Arts University, the local Bellas Artes, invited Leonard to become faculty. From there they developed a lifelong friendship.

They stayed for over 60 years, in fact until their passing… all except for their deportation, and their request from the Mexican government to return. Meanwhile they travelled extensively, paintings of which you will see in the Exhibition.

Keep abreast of the special events during the exhibition by signing up for the email alerts, information options below. Hear the fascinating story of how the deportation at gunpoint of American and Canadian Art teachers from San Miguel de Allende which almost kept the Mexican town from becoming the international art center it is today.

Both Leonard and Reva developed their talents for the great part of their lives in San Miguel in this marvelous environment of exchange of creative ideas and their expression. Reva became a world famous photographer with her photos being shown even at the MOMA in New York City. Leonard had been recognized previously as a Canadian war artist and here in Mexico he developed his talent in many mediums.

Leonard also brought music to San Miguel. He gave 40 years of love and teaching of music at the Bellas Artes and donated his salary for instruments for the children. We can all be grateful to him for this dedication and longevity.



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