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Trunk Show, Hand-Painted Fabric Necklaces - opening

Saturday, December 9, 1-7pm
La Tienda, Umaran 19

Trunk Show, Hand-Painted Fabric Necklaces - opening

On Saturday, December 9, from 1 to 7pm, the artist Laura Honse will present her new collection of very unique fabric necklaces at La Tienda. Using silk and cotton fabrics, she hand-paints them in soft washes, bold geometric patterns, miniature surreal landscapes or colorful tribal patterns and then sews them into small cushions which she fills with bunting and strings into necklaces. Some necklaces also incorporate other materials such as wooden beads, buttons, seedpods or even shark vertebrae. Very lightweight, these painterly accessories are a delightful eye-catcher that make any outfit elegantly avant-garde.

We look forward to seeing you!

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