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GuadalupArte Art Crawl

Saturday, December 9, 12-8pm
Colonia Guadalupe Open Studios and Exhibitions

GuadalupArte Art Crawl

Walking through the Art District of the Guadalupe neighborhood on a normal day means being surprised and delighted at every corner. Bright murals pop with rainbow colors, and new restaurants seem to be opening every week.

December 9th, the artists of San Miguel's vibrant Arts District will open their studios for GuadalupArte, a neighborhood art crawl celebrating the creativity that flourishes behind the mural-covered walls. The hours are long, the studios many, and there are plenty of spots to stop for your favorite beverage as you enjoy an afternoon/evening of strolling through Guadalupe.

You are invited to enjoy a fascinating glimpse into the creative spaces of a diverse range of talented artists. Maps will be available at each location or in advance at La Huipilista Artspace.

Featured artist's spaces and participating artists (in order of their opening times):

Colleen Sorenson—Maria Félix #4, noon to 6pm. Ceramic tile artist will show her whimsical, colorful “Mujeres del Jardin” wall hangings that feature women’s words of wisdom, along with large-scale mosaic tiled graffiti art pieces.

DJ Barrett—Guty Cardenas #9A, 2pm to 6pm. A musician and visual artist with an abiding interest in improvisation and collage, Barrett will show mixed media works on paper and cardboard that incorporate found materials, images and text.

Mary van de Wiel—Farolito #6, 2pm to 5pm. Artist and designer van de Wiel is the creator of Black Line Crazy bold black and white paintings, murals, fabrics, wool throws, rugs, lighting and limited edition designer messenger bags.

Liz Blair—Miguel Prado #6, 3pm - 5pm. Blair’s pink house is a veritable gallery of colorful paintings of San Miguel de Allende and scrap metal sculptures. She will show her moody watercolors of ballerinas and more.

Danny Cameron—Carlos del Castillo #1, 4pm to 7pm. Self-taught artist Cameron makes mysterious tableaux and intriguing sculptures out of found objects, including vintage dolls.

Ana Thiel—H. Colegio Militar #1, 4pm to 7pm. Visitors will stroll through Thiel’s garden filled with glass and mixed-media sculptures and visit her workshop where samples from her current projects will be displayed, including sculptures, panels, encaustics, wearable sculpture and two-dimensional works.

La Huipilista Artspace—Julián Carrillo #1, 4pm - 7pm. Opening of “Doll Therapy” group exhibition, featuring artists Lena Bartula, Ellen Benson, Gaby Black, Carole Clement and Edward Swift. From recycled and repurposed materials, these evocative, provocative babies will challenge your concept of dolls. The exhibition continues through January 9, 2018.

Studio Antonelli—Julián Carrillo #5A, 4pm to 8pm. Free art party with artist and teacher Jessica Antonelli at which participants will make art with recycled materials, plus a showcase of artwork by Brenda Jaramillo and Elsa Velasquez. 


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