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The 19th century dining revolution - talk

Wednesday, February 14, 3pm
Sala Quetzal, Biblioteca, Relox 50A

The 19th century dining revolution - talk

By Eva Eliscu

With the French revolution a new privileged class was born.This social structure brings many new ideas and changes to the dining table. Perhaps the greatest of changes to the dining table was the style of food
service." Service a la Russe” and the British introduced eating in the "English manner” The new food scene is the restaurant. Paris establish itself as the gourmet capitol of Europe The Victorian dinner table is an explosion of highly decorated silver, presenting the diner with an array of specialist eating utensils and a strict dining etiquette.

Eva Eliscu is from Stockholm Sweden, residing in the US and San Miguel.

A culinary consultant and lecturer on History of dining. Enjoy collecting Antique silver and a co- producer of San Miguel Food in Film Festival

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