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The Brain Exchange - mixed

Second Wednesday of each month, 3-5pm
LifePath Center, Rinconada de La Aldea 29
$50 pesos
All women are welcome!
No reservation needed

The Brain Exchange - mixed
Women’s Drop-in Brainstorming and Networking Group

by Susan Page

If you need ideas for anything—a book title, how to manage your difficult grandson, where to take people in Mexico City, how to persuade your husband to move here, whether or not you should (fill in the blank), how to market your business; if you have a problem to solve and need possible solutions; if you crave support for a challenging time in your life; or if you just want to network and enjoy a memorable evening sharing with other creative women — you are invited to attend the Brain Exchange. The drop-in group meets once a month for networking and for formal, structured brainstorming that is extremely effective and productive. Don’t wait until you need an idea or have a problem; you are welcome any time.

The Brain Exchange meets every month. It is a popular, fun, and productive group with both regulars and new attendees every month. “I gained valuable insight and felt such support regarding my relationship with my daughter,” says one veteran Brain Exchanger. “I got one incredibly great idea when I was opening my new business here,” said another. “I always go away feeling embraced – and happy!”

Under the leadership of Susan Page, Sarah Powers, and Margaret Nash, the next meeting of the Brain Exchange will take place on Wednesday September 12 at 3:00 in the afternoon. We will always meet on the second Wednesday of the month at 3:00 PM. The meetings are held at the LifePath Center, Rinconada de la Aldea #29. Enter the Aldea Arches on Zacateros, and the walking path will be on your right. No reservations are needed. However, we ask that you plan to stay for the entire meeting, as a courtesy to all the women who attend. $50 pesos covers the cost of renting the room.

To find us, enter the Aldea Arch on Zacateros, and the walking path will be on your right. Follow the walking path to the Lifepath Center.

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